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Farmer Franco's Prize Cow Daisy

Jeffster though, those little assholes, are also hiding in the store because they are going to steal a bunch of these phones -- actually funny, if snide: "Smartphones that can also send and receive calls?" -- and sell them on the eBay, so they're bedding down in a room chock full of phones and sandwiches and Jeffster paraphernalia.

Since they had to cancel Thanksgiving until Friday, Awesome brings Ellie some carrots -- "Rich in vitamin A and good for retinal development!" -- and she informs him of her progress with the mysterious laptop icon. It's all about MRI-looking brain things. "He was using the brain to store data, but he was approaching it from an engineer's perspective, and human memory works differently than a computer." Ellie, of course, whipped this issue in under two days and, unbeknownst to her, can now fix Chuck's little starter problem.

Which means that whatever cathected thing is going on in Chuck's head that involves his relationship with Sarah and his relationship with Frost is going to get solved in this episode, so it's those things we have to watch out for. Part one was him realizing that he was having really sort of inappropriate emasculation issues that the Intersect was solving for him but have now cropped up again. Part two was Sarah realizing that she doesn't need him to be Bryce Larkin in order to see him as a man, basically. So part three is going to be zapping Mom somehow so that she'll stop being this dark goddess figure and go back to being a regular lady, which is what you do when you outgrow needing your parents to be more than human. Because if she's a regular lady, then Sarah is a regular lady, too, regardless of her powers, and they can get married after all.

And the reason Ellie is the key is because she is married to Superman and is also Superman and thus has figured all this shit out without ever getting involved in spycraft at all: Just by being awesome. Or I guess Awesome, in this case. And because as much as we talk about Sarah/Chuck being sometimes a little too close to two-halves of a person, Chuck spent most of his life feeling just as overpowered by his sister, and most of this show figuring out how to be twins with her instead of little brother/big sister with her. The next password clue is: "1 or 11." And even though Ellie's totally quoted the answer at Chuck before, she's not thinking of it now. Awesome brings up taking the laptop to Chuck, but she's still convinced he's out of the life for good and wants to protect him from getting pulled back in. Stalemate.

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