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When they're alone, Chuck says he knows what he looks like, but the ice cream sobered him up. She says it's okay, but he says it's not because he thought Agent Superman was bad and he could save her and they could be together. She tells him Agent Superman's a good spy, and Chuck's all, "I get it already. Shaw's amazing." He says them running off together to save the world is great news for the world, but he realized that he hasn't asked Sarah a very important question. He asks her now: "Do you love me?" Strummy music plays as Sarah hesitates. Chuck starts babbling about how he's sitting in his underwear holding a plastic guitar and probably making a complete fool of himself. Sarah says yes, and Chuck thinks she means yes, he's making a fool of himself, but she clarifies that she fell for him a long time ago, after he fixed her phone and before he started diffusing bombs. She leans in and kisses him. For real. Finally. And it's pretty awesome. She tells him that Casey told her about the Red Test, that he couldn't do it, which means he's still the same Chuck: "You're still my Chuck." He wants to clean up, but she says there's no time because of their new mission: a three-man op with Agent Superman, who thinks he's found Ring headquarters. Morgan, who's been listening the whole time, comes out and says if there's a mission, he's totally on it, since he's Chuck's assistant. He gets Chuck some coffee.

But on the actual mission, it's just Chuck, Sarah, and Agent Superman. Chuck plays too cool, like everything's normal, then whispers to Sarah about whether Agent Superman's onto them. Chuck and Sarah are going to rappel down into what's supposedly Ring headquarters, while Agent Superman waits at the top and does ... I don't know what, actually. The missions in this episode don't make a whole lot of sense, actually, which would be a problem in most shows, but, because it all turns out so right in the end and because this show is really more about the characters than the missions, I'll let it go. But not without that mention, so there. Now you know: The missions are lame. Anyway, Chuck and Sarah rappel us into commercial.

Chuck and Sarah wind up in an elevator and let Agent Superman know they're in. Chuck whispers to Sarah that he has a concern about Agent Superman, because he thinks he is a great spy, but is emotionally "Swiss cheese." Sarah tells Chuck not to worry, since all Agent Superman wants is to capture the Ring director. Just then some Ring guys come in and Agent Superman beats the crap out of them, then we get a close-up of a camera in the corner of the room. Agent Superman explains it was "Ring company," and Sarah's like, "See? I told you we can trust him." Chuck pulls out a gun, but tells Sarah not to worry, it's just a tranq gun, and he's counting on her to do the killing. Agent Superman tells Sarah and Chuck there's movement toward the elevator, so they think maybe the director's coming in early. It is him, of course, and he thinks it's brazen and impressive that they'd kidnap him in his own lift. He says there's no chance they'll get the cipher, though, which is the Intersect they've been building for a year. Sarah asks where it is, and Chuck tells him to pull out his Ring phone and call his assistant. So he does.

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