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When Denise arrives, she gives him the cipher, but when he says something about Barcelona, Sarah pulls her into the elevator because that was obviously a code word. Chuck asks what they're supposed to do with her, and the director says he'd shoot her. Another guy comes in, because he heard something strange in the elevator shaft, so they pull him in too. As Agent Superman gets the elevator moving, the director says this was a trap for Sarah. They all pull guns, and Sarah asks if she looks like an amateur. He says she doesn't, but her partner and his tranq gun are a different story. When the elevator opens, it's more Ring guys, so Sarah and Chuck are trapped. Until Agent Superman comes in shooting up all the Ring people. He makes them leave him in the elevator with the director, and they hear a gunshot behind them. Chuck's like, "I think we should probably wait to tell him about us." But, in the elevator, all the Ring people come back to life, and the director tells Agent Superman he did good work; he thinks they bought it. Agent Superman: "Of course they did."

At Castle, General Redhead's scolding Agent Superman for eliminating the director. She says this wasn't a red op. Chuck's really excited by watching the footage of Agent Superman kicking the bad guys asses while Sarah and Chuck were in the elevator. General Redhead says her people have analyzed the cipher, and the Ring wasn't as far along as they thought with a new Intersect. She sends Sarah and Agent Superman to Paris, but says Chuck's going to have to stay put for now. Chuck asks Sarah if they'll ever get their chance, and she says they will, as soon as she's back. "Just one more mission." So Sarah and Agent Superman are off in Paris together and Chuck tells Morgan at home that General Redhead doesn't think he's ready. Morgan explains this is bad news since he quit his job to be part of his team. Chuck: "You did what?!" Like, Chuck, don't you know Morgan by now? He believes everything you ever say ever. Morgan beats himself up for giving up a management position in a down economy, and then tells Chuck that Agent Superman's going to get Sarah and Chuck's going to drink himself into Guitar Hero oblivion. You know, that actually sounds pretty fun. Chuck tells Morgan that Agent Superman's actually a hero, and Morgan thinks that's nice since "99 times out of ten, [sic] that guy gets the girl!" To cheer up Morgan, Chuck shows him a copy of the Shaw-ass-kicking video, but Morgan -- being the crazy kung-fu geek he is -- immediately notices that the fighting is fake. Chuck says Agent Superman shot people, and Morgan asks if Chuck saw viscera or brain matter. Chuck realizes that if the fight was staged, that means Agent Superman's working with the Ring and Sarah's with him now.

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