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At a fancy hotel room in Paris, Sarah wakes up in what looks like the most comfortable bed in the world. Chuck asks how she feels, and she wonders what happened with Agent Superman. Chuck tells her he's dead, and he's sorry. Her fuzzy memories come together, as she pieces together the café, the bridge, and Agent Superman trying to kill her. Then, finally, that Chuck killed him. He says he's sorry, but he promises he's the same guy. She says, "You saved me," and they start kissing. But then the computer on the bed turns on and General Redhead starts talking. She tells them they did excellent work, but she wants them back to Burbank ASAP; it's something about Peruvian assassins. Sarah turns the computer around while she's talking, and then she closes it as General Redhead asks for her people to fix the connection so she can get in contact with Sarah and Chuck again. Chuck's not sure, but Sarah tells him to shut up and kiss her. He does, and then they go under the covers as the camera pans down, past Chuck's Chuck Taylors and to the Eiffel Tower out the window. That feels like the longest wait for characters to hook up in the history of television. Maybe I'm just a geeky, desperate shipper, but I don't think so because I never even hated Shaw. Even in this episode, I had sympathy. I mean, what's a guy to do when he finds out who killed his wife? It's almost romantic in its own way. How about a spin-off about his backstory and his search for his wife's killer. As long as he's shirtless a lot, that's sure to be a hit.

Chuck won't be back for three weeks, but we get a sneak peek of what's to come after that. It's a quick look, but it includes: Chuck and Sarah making out, Morgan and Casey together, Chuck and Sarah on a motorcycle, Anna coming back, Casey training Morgan, Ellie's leaving, Sarah has an accent, Ellie and Awesome in a jungle, Ellie hits Casey with a frying pan (which makes sense since she thinks he's a big perv), and ... Bakula! I can't wait. I know this show can still be good (or even better) without all the angst.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, is a little sad to lose Agent Superman. You can contact her at

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