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Clap Your Hands If You Believe…

Anyway, there follows a montage of various people alternately talking to and screaming at the camera, and it eventually becomes clear Our Intrepid Heroes are actually conducting interviews with certain Elwood townsfolk, most of whom will become important later in the episode. First up is Robert Picardo, who states, "I'm here because I believe that Elwood, Indiana, has become a center of extraterrestrial activity." Next is Little Blondie No Name from the pre-credits sequence, who shrills, "There was this light! And then Patrick just vanished!" She's followed by a stringy-haired hippie chick who vaguely enthuses, "It's all happening, you know? I mean, these entities have come to help push humanity to the next stage!" We hop back over to the eminent Mr. Picardo, who continues, "My name is Wayne Whitaker Junior, and I have personally recorded dozens of eyewitness accounts -- strange lights in the sky, mysterious presences attempting contact." The local sheriff then gets his turn in the spotlight, and he rather dismissively notes, "Since this whole damn circus has blown into town, no one seems to realize we've got four missing persons cases wide open -- my friends lost loved ones." Little Blondie No Name reappears to howl, "What happened to him? Something took him! I know it!" and I do believe we've had quite enough of you, Little Blondie No Name, so goodbye! Wayne Whitaker Junior pops up again to smile, "We are right in the middle of what we in the field like to call a 'UFO Flap,' and I am as happy as a pig in shoes!" Shut up, Robert Picardo. The sheriff steps in to opine, "I can guarantee you this is nothing to do with UFOs, or little green men, or anything extraterrestrial whatsoever," and with that, we head on over to join Our Intrepid Heroes as they...

...interview the last of these locals, a zaftig fiftysomething New Ager named Marian who coos, "Of course it's not UFOs -- it's fairies!" Dean skillfully masks his utter incredulity and politely thanks the heavily bejeweled matron for her input, but Soulless Sammy just squints at her and rather rudely wonders, "What, flying saucers not insane enough for ya?" He then rather hilariously follows that up with, "If you wanna add glitter to that glue you're sniffing, that's fine, but don't dump your whackadoo all over us -- we'd rather not step in it." Hee. Dean apologies profusely for his brother's insensitive yet entirely justified remarks and drags Sam away, even though Soulless Sammy clearly has a few more choice insults he'd like to hurl in the insane crazy lady's general direction, and once they're out of her earshot, they start yammering away at each other regarding Soulless Sammy's staggering lack of "empathy." "You don't care!" Dean exclaims, stating the obvious before insisting, "You have to care!" "About what?" Sam buhs by way of response. "About everything!" Dean exasperates. "I can't care about what I don't care about," Sam shrugs, and I know I said it at the end of last week's dreadful episode, but it bears repeating: I think I'm in love. Sigh.

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