Come Over to the Dark Side

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End of the Road

The next item is covered. Many people bid on it, but Reynold wins it for $180. Before he can claim his item, Probst pulls out two more covered items and says that Reynold can choose one of them to take instead, not knowing if any or all of them are duds. Cochran claims it's the Monty Hall problem and you're always supposed to switch, which is not at all correct; for it to be the Monty Hall problem, we'd have to see that the first item was good and the third item was bad, and then the odds would be in Reynold's favor to switch to the second item. Then again, Cochran could just be fucking with Reynold. Since Reynold has no information about how many of these items are good or duds, he can't figure out the probability. Then again, it's Reynold; I doubt he could figure it out anyway. Anyway, Reynold sticks with the first item. The third was a rotten coconut. He got one slice of pizza, but the second item was the rest of the pizza. Sherri immediately offers all of her money for the rest of the pizza and Probst sells it to her. Probst reminds her that she's out of the auction.

The next item that Probst shows them is an entire roast chicken and Dawn immediately bids $500 and gets it. That's actually not a bad choice, in terms of health. It may not satisfy a craving in the way that a dessert or chocolate would, but it also probably won't make you as sick.

Probst tells them that the next item is information. Malcolm immediately bids $480 and no one else wants to use all of their money to beat him. He has sixty seconds to look at it alone. It's a clue to another idol, and it reads: "On the way to water, on your left hand side, is a large opening in the rocks. Next to which grows a tree out of the rock face. Its roots extend down to the ground. There is a hidden immunity idol buried under these roots six inches underground." That's entirely sic by the way, sentence fragments, missing apostrophes and all. There's also a little diagram. And Malcolm's out of the auction.

The next item is covered and Brenda bids $100, and then Andrea and Erik jack up the price more. Brenda looks SO SAD as she explains that she doesn't want to waste her money on something terrible. Oh, girl. Anyway, Andrea wins for $280, and gets a giant plate of spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread. But Probst offers her the chance to trade it for beans and rice for the whole tribe. Andrea's no dummy; she takes the beans and rice. Now she gets to be the hero.

The next item is an advantage in the next immunity challenge, which has historically been pretty successful. Brenda and Cochran bid and Cochran wins. Poor Brenda. Also, you'd think Eddie would go for it, but I guess not.

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