Come Over to the Dark Side

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End of the Road

Next item is covered, and Brenda immediately offers up $300 and no one else goes for it. And it's pig brain. Everyone is really sad for her, including me. Poor Brenda. She tries the pig brain and tries to make the best of it. Oh, I feel so bad for her.

The next item is letters from home for $20 each. Dawn, Sherri and Malcolm can't get them because they used all of their money. There are tears.

The final item is also covered. Brenda tries for it but Eddie gets it. But the good news is that the whole tribe can share it; it's a giant bowl of peanut butter. They get sixty seconds to eat as much as they can and whatever is on their person goes back to camp. So everyone digs in, and I realize that they are so hungry that they don't care about dirt and germs but I'm really grossed out by their filthy fingers digging into the bowl over and over. Can't they get a nice cracker? Some apple slices? Anyway, Sherri feeds Cochran using her fingers and Probst notices and says, "How often does that happen?" Cochran deadpans, "More often than you'd think." Cochran has kind of won me over this season. He bugged me before, but he's less neurotic now. Or at least he hides it better.

When they return to camp, they all scrape the peanut butter from their hands and faces into a communal bowl, which makes sense from a survival perspective but still seems pretty gross. And probably buggy. Everyone is very renewed, and then they read their letters from home and cry and cry. Even Cochran cries!

Malcolm and Reynold talk to Sherri and tell her to hang tough and stick with them. Sherri says that they had better pull something out then. Reynold says that they think they can get Erik too, and then they can guarantee Sherri final five. Sherri interviews that after the stunt the bro-lliance pulled, and their strength in challenges, it's tough not to think of them as unstoppable, and she does wonder if she should get on that train. Reynold says that they can guarantee her fifth place. Whoa, what an offer! Jeez, Reynold is bad at this game. He should approach Sherri alone, make a secret final three alliance with her, and then proceed to beat her by harping on how disloyal she was, flipping twice. Come on, dude.

A bit later, Reynold asks Malcolm if he thinks they can get Sherri and Malcolm says he does, but he should talk to her, not Reynold. Obviously. Reynold interviews that they want to get the numbers and knock out Cochran, and the majority will be in shambles.

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