Come Over to the Dark Side

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End of the Road

That night, Malcolm sneaks out of camp. Little does he know that Andrea is awake and watching him. Malcolm follows the clue as best he can and starts digging. He's not out there long before Andrea and Cochran find him. And then Cochran leaves to go the bathroom so Andrea decides to just sit there and force Malcolm to do something. Malcolm asks if this is a standoff, and says that he'll come back later, and she'll have to follow him around all day. So then the two of them sit there for God knows how long until finally Malcolm and Andrea agree to go back to camp together. He compares her to the "little sister you can't get rid of," which is pretty apt. In an interview, Malcolm is visibly frustrated because he knows without an idol, he's screwed.

Time for the Immunity Challenge! One of the bro-lliance needs to win this or they are in big trouble. I don't think they can even come close to convincing Sherri/Erik to flip without at least one of them winning because then they can say, "See, we are going to dominate the challenges! Get with us now!" The challenge is to hold a knotted rope that is holding up a heavy log. At regular intervals, they will have to move their hands down the rope to a new knot, making the task of holding up the log more difficult, and the last person still holding up the log wins immunity.

Cochran opens the advantage that he bought in the auction. It says that at any point in the challenge, he can move his hand up two knots. Eddie interviews that he needs to win immunity, and he's worried about Cochran's advantage, but he also knows that Cochran is no kind of physical threat. That sounds really mean, but Eddie says it so matter-of-factly, and I think that Cochran would agree.

Everyone makes it through the first knot and the second knot with no issues. As they go to move to the third knot, after ten minutes have elapsed, Cochran says he's going to take his advantage. That means that instead of going down to the third knot, he gets to go back to the first. They move on to the fourth and fifth (I'm going to let you do the math and figure out that Cochran is two knots behind) and no one drops out.

Then they move to the sixth knot, and everyone has to lean back pretty far to hold up the log. Brenda seems to almost fall asleep, and she steps off and goes out first. Erik maybe throws it? He doesn't seem to be struggling, but maybe he just didn't want to be the first one out, and he knows that he doesn't need immunity?

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