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In any event, Sue heaves a melodramatic sigh and flops back down against her pillows to moan, "I have nothing to live for!" Will, however, is having none of Sue's calculated self-pity, thank you very much, and with his undies by now thoroughly bunched up into a tremendous wad, he peeves, "You brought this upon yourself!" Sue does not deny that, and gifts us all with a mournful recounting of the Cheerios' humiliating misadventures at Regionals (or wherever) a couple of weeks ago until Will loses all patience with her and snaps, "Sue, you are nasty, manipulative, and petty!" Like that's such a bad thing. Sue, bless her, retorts, "You have more grease in your hair than the guy behind Wikileaks!" It's funny because it's true. Will vows not to "play backup" at Sue's "little pity party," and with that, he and Emma flounce from Sue's boudoir. So, this means he'll actually be playing backup at Sue's little pity party before the first commercial break, then? Thought so.

Back at the school, Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen greets Quinn in the hallway between classes with a sprightly peck on the cheek and asks, "So, I wanted to confirm our date this Friday at Color Me Mine?" Quinn: "You were serious about that?" Unfortunately, he was, and Quinn's face drops as she realizes tonight's script dictates her boyfriend fall back into his supposedly dweebish ways for the purposes of this evening's festivities. She gamely plasters a false smile on her face, though, and assures him she'll be there should nothing more pressing come up between now and the weekend. With that, she vanishes off towards her next class, allowing Sam's voiceover free rein to gift us all with the following bits of insight into his mindset: "Things have been weird since Quinn got mono a couple of weeks ago. Everyone keeps telling me that she must have kissed Finn, but I believe it when she told me what really happened."

Smear to the music room a couple of days ago, where a saintly-looking Quinn insists, "I didn't kiss Finn, Sam -- I saved his life!"

Smear over to a fairly amusing enactment of Quinn's lie. Finn, standing at his kissing booth, pops an enormous gumball into his mouth. Almost immediately, he splutters, gags, and drops backwards in slow motion as some random extra unhinges her lower jaw to let loose with a blood-curdling scream. The Maharishi materializes from out of nowhere to hover above Frankenteen's unconscious form and bellow, "He's not breathing!" at which point selfless Quinn bends down and gently presses her lips against Finn's to suck that damn gumball clear out of his throat. That's talent.

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