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Connect the Plots
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Will is walking down the street when Ed suddenly appears on a corner and calls out to him. Will is surprised to see Ed outside of his bright green living room, and greets him with "What are you doing here, Ed?" "Helping you," Ed claims. Wasn't it just snowing outside like two episodes ago? And yet now, people can get away with wearing light coats or even, looking at some of the background extras, T-shirts. Maybe the government conspiracy is a weather machine. I would totally change my opinion about this show if they introduced a weather machine. Will tells Ed about Donald Bloom, the "only name" on the list of seven that Will is concerned with. Did we ever find out what the deal was with that seventh name that Daniel couldn't get any info on? Because that would probably scare me more than Donald Bloom. Will says they know Bloom used to be in the CIA and has been through Houston six times in the last year, but they don't know why. They also know that Bloom flew into New York two days ago. Ed suggests that Will check "the white papers" for anything having to do with Houston. "Connect the dots," Ed titles. "..." says Will. "Check the white papers," Ed repeats. I know Ed's supposed to be a little manic and crazy right now, but it's so nice to see someone who doesn't speak so freaking slowly all the time that he kind of seems like the most normal person on this show right now.

Tanya staggers into work, sunglasses on, and passes through API's nasty cafeteria on her way to Grant and Miles's table. Why do these people all have breakfast together now? Why is the API cafeteria serving breakfast at all? Don't most people eat breakfast at home, then go to work? And then, when they arrive at work, start working immediately? Or at least pretend to work while going to various gossip sites? But at API, apparently everyone shows up at work and immediately heads down to the cafeteria for breakfast. This also means that Kale is in the room to observe Tanya's hangover-esque appearance. And then, unlike everyone else on this show, he actually does something about it, heading to Will's office to have a chat with him about the importance of keeping an eye on his employees. First, though, he informs Will that he and the other team leaders must attend Spangler's wife's annual charity event and donate $250 to her stupid cause. Will whines that he can't afford such a hefty sum. Really? He can't afford a one-time annual donation of $250? I'm starting to think that API pays $8 an hour. This is ridiculous. "Sure you can," Kale says unsympathetically as he ingests some "sublingual herbs." "I have the immune system of a hydra," he claims. Couldn't he have the immune system of something that I don't have to look up on Wikipedia? Damn you, Kale!

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