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Connect the Plots

The next day, Tanya gives her presentation to Spangler. She says that Beck is wealthy enough not to have to talk to people involved with organized crime, so the fact that he was seen with Yuri means that his reasons are either emotional or ideological, both of which could be very bad for the United States. Beck, Tanya explains, is a "semi-Westernized Muslim" and "sympathetic to the cause." Spangler stops her at one point, only to gesture that she should continue without saying anything. Tanya concludes that Beck has the means and connections to do a lot of damage if he wanted, and if he hasn't been recruited by Al-Qaeda yet, he soon will be. "Done," Spangler says; "drop Yuri. Go all-out for George." Well, that was easy. Suck on it, Grant and Miles! Tanya says George's son is getting married in three days. Spangler says he'll contact NSA to have audio and video surveillance there. So, basically, Tanya's argument was that there's this guy named George Beck in Germany who is rich and Muslim, and he was photographed talking to a Russian gangster. He's probably a terrorist. I know people who are much less educated and trained in analysis who could come up with the same conclusion.

Though Tanya was able to prove that she's worthy of API after all, she's still a fragile woman, and thus requires more alcohol to get through the day. She brings a cup of ice cubes to her desk, takes one of those small mini-bar sized bottles of vodka out of her desk, and pours it in. Wow, so, she works at the top-secret government agency that is swept for bugs every month, but she thinks it's a good idea to store bottles of alcohol in her desk drawer? Dumbass.

And then we have a secret meeting in the middle of what appears to be an abandoned school gym. What is the deal with these people are their meeting spots? A Laundromat? An abandoned school? Just go to the corner Starbucks. It's simple and no one will listen to anything you say because we're all trying to block our ears so we don't have to listen to that shitty music they always blast on the speakers. Three men meet in the shadows, and one plays a recording from Ed's house of Will telling Ed they are going to stop their investigation. Which is all fine and good, but he didn't play the part where Will said that Donald Bloom was an 18-year-old engineering student, which should tip them off that he was lying to Ed about that and possibly about ending the investigation as well. Also, we can now see that the men are Donald Bloom, the guy in charge of following Will from the Laundromat (and who also apparently bugged Ed's house) and Spangler (dun dun DUUUNNNNN!).

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