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Connect the Plots

While Maggie sits in her office moving stacks of paper from one side of her desk to the other in another attempt to justify her existence on this show, Will wanders in, looking like he just saw a ghost. Maggie immediately knows that something is wrong, and so stands up dramatically, all "What is it?" Will pulls her in close. Like, really close. I'm starting to wonder if he's near-sighted or something. That would explain why he thought it was a good idea to tail someone from like two feet away and now why he insists on talking to Maggie while less than an inch away from her face. "This conversation doesn't leave the room," he begins seriously. Maggie assures him that it won't, and waits to hear whatever incredible revelation is ready to pour forth from Will's lips. "I need you to tell me everything you know about Kale Ingram," Will finally says. "Uh ... what do you mean?" Maggie asks. Will sums up everything he knows about Kale thus far: he used to be in the CIA, he's been with API for a long time, and he was recruited by Spangler. So, what can Maggie add to the list? "I think he's from Ohio." She sucks. Will almost makes out with her as he talks into her ear: "What about David? Has he ever said anything about David?" Maggie doesn't answer Will's question, instead begging him to tell her what's wrong. He says he can't. Then he stares at her for a while before walking away. I feel like this scene might have had the intensity the director was going for if the words the characters were saying were less boring and the actress playing Maggie was better at this.

Kale enters Spangler's office, interrupting him from reading a report. Sounding annoyed, Kale asks Spangler if he's "sure" that David's "loose ends have been neatly tied up." "You know something I don't?" Spangler says, answering a question with a question like everyone else on this show. Except for Will, who answers most questions by staring off into space with his mouth half-open. "I do not," Kale says. "Yes. Loose ends have been nicely tied up," Spangler says. Well, he didn't ask for "nicely," Spangler. He said "neatly." With that, Spangler asks Kale if all of his team leaders are set to make an appearance at Spangler's wife's charity function, along with Kale himself. "I wouldn't miss it for the world," Kale says. "Miriam will be pleased," Spangler says. "Forgive her. After all, she has to put up with me." Yes, which is why I'm sure she's thrilled to bits at the prospect of a whole bunch of Spangler-esque API social outcasts hanging out at her house. "Yes," Kale says, and I think I see a hint of an eye-roll as he leaves the room. Spangler goes back to his report, and places the title page in the paper shredder. We see that it's the missing White Paper. Yes, those White Papers are so important that they're easily purloined from their secret library and then shredded and thus destroyed completely with a simple 5-page capacity shredder from Staples.

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