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Connect the Plots

Tanya presents her argument for why they should focus solely on Beck to the team. While Will sits at the far end of the table and barely pays attention, Grant and Miles harshly pick Tanya's points apart, even though she's peppering them with impressive big words like "equation" and "linchpin." Tanya looks to Will for some support, but it is not forthcoming. Grant and Miles continue to interrupt until Tanya asks Will if she should even bother to finish. "Strip down your argument to the basics. Build out from there," Will says. And then he makes her start her presentation over again from the beginning, much to Grant's dismay.

Will heads down to API's computer lab, where NotHal is ensconced in darkness as he does something to one of the servers with a screwdriver. NotHal greets Will with a "No. Whatever it is, no." Excellent, NotHal. Minus three points, however, for not locking your door in the first place. Will tries to play up his and NotHal's personal history and friendship to get another favor, and in this one particular case, it turns out that Will actually acted like something resembling a human being around NotHal. He reminds NotHal that they've known each other for "five years this October," which he says means they have a "substantial friendship." NotHal reminds Will that he doesn't even know NotHal's first name. Despite this, Will did manage to introduce NotHal to the woman who ended up becoming his wife, and for this, NotHal agrees to do another favor for him. "I need an agency-wide cross-reference search," Will says; "Donald Bloom and Kale Ingram." NotHal types the request into his database search program from 1993 and one file pops up. It's a CIA casefile with the "highest security rating," which means NotHal can't look at it without other people knowing. Will decides to leave it alone.

Instead, he heads up to his favorite spot, the roof. Today, his view of the harbor is partially obscured by a giant crane. Also, someone finally put fence up there so he can't jump off the building as easily as he could have before. It's no fun anymore, so Will heads back downstairs. He runs into Tanya on her way to the roof. She sighs upon seeing him, which is probably a reaction Will gets often. "I was just coming up to clear my head," she says. "I'll leave you to it," Will says, blowing another chance to actually talk to his possibly troubled employee. But then Tanya decides she'd rather voice her anger at Will than be all passive and boring like he is. "You let Grant and Miles slaughter me!" she says. Will says he was trying to prepare her for going in front of Spangler. "Are you setting me up to fail?" Tanya asks. "If you don't think you can handle this..." Will says. That's not what she's saying, Will. Did he treat his wife like this? No wonder she went running up to the top of the tallest building in town at 8:30 in the morning to get away from him. "I didn't say that," Tanya says. Will finally comes up with something supportive and encouraging: "I think you're right. I think George is the nexus of something big." "Would it have killed you to say that in the room?" Tanya asks. Will picks this time to make a speech about fear, and how there are two kinds: the kind that drives you to work harder and dig deeper, which is good, and the kind that paralyzes you and makes you stay in bed all day, which is bad. Unless you're a mattress tester. Or a prostitute. "Bad fear doesn't make you a bad person. It just means you shouldn't be working here," Will says. Tanya thinks this over, her eyes brimming with tears. I can hardly believe it, but I liked Will in this scene. He almost seemed like he gave a shit.

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