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Connect the Plots

That night, Will checks up on Ed. He rings the doorbell twice, and when there's no answer, heads on in, as the gate was left unlocked and the door behind it slightly ajar. Will enters the living room and stares at the walls, which are covered papers on top of papers with a dash of post-it notes sprinkled throughout to add color and flair. Ed finally appears and descends the staircase as Will and we get a closer look at his wall. There are newspaper clippings and papers full of circles and lines and words. Basically, Ed has the opening credits sequence on his living room wall. He slaps another paper on it and says he has connected the dots: in 1983, the CIA had several Hezbollah leaders and financiers assassinated after Hezbollah sent a suicide bomber into a Marine barracks in Beirut. That operation was launched through clues planted in a bunch of crossword puzzles, a code that Ed himself created. Bloom was a CIA agent in 1983, and these days they know he's spending a great deal of time in Nigeria, Houston and Beirut. Those three locales have at least one thing in common, which even Will can figure out: "Oil."

So, Ed thinks, the most recent crossword puzzle go code is another signal for Bloom to assassinate someone in Houston or Nigeria who has something to do with oil. Well, that certainly narrows it down. And then Ed reminds us all that he's a little bit crazy and prone to going overboard on these things and starts ranting about how Bloom flew into JFK airport, which was named after an assassinated president, who was killed in Dallas. Dallas isn't Houston, but it's in the same state, so it totally works and now Ed has crossed the line from shrewd and brilliant analyst to conspiracy nutter. Will tries to reel him in, but Ed keeps going until Will tells him that the Donald Bloom he found at the Waldorf wasn't the right Donald Bloom. "Wha...?" Ed asks, finally at a loss for words. Will lies that he saw the Donald Bloom in person, and it was "an 18-year-old engineering student from Oregon." Which Ed should totally be able to tell is a lie because what 18-year-old engineering student from Oregon is staying at the freaking Waldorf?

"There's no oil in Oregon..." Ed says. I don't know why, but that cracked me up. It isn't supposed to, though. We're supposed to feel sorry for Ed as we watch his world crumble around him again. "We're gonna stand down. Because we have both gone way overboard. And it ends right here," Will says, an obvious pained look on his face as he's forced to lie to Ed and make him feel bad for what he believes to be Ed's own good. Reality suddenly sinks in for Ed, and he whisper-sobs "David was my best friend..." Yeah, such a friend that Ed didn't go to his funeral or even know he was dead until someone else told him. But still. And then Ed just starts bawling as he slumps against his living room wall. Will kind of watches him, not bothering to give the guy at least a pat on the back.

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