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Elena walks into McGrath's office and, finding it empty, slips her outline onto his desk. As she starts to walk out, McGrath enters. Elena explains what she was doing. McGrath sits and rubs his eyes. Elena asks if he's okay. McGrath says that it's been a rough week and that his assistant is out of town, so he's getting bogged down with paperwork. Elena asks if she can help. McGrath says she can if she's available evenings, and promises to make sure she gets extra credit or something for it. Elena says he doesn't have to do that, because it would be a great learning experience. She leaves after thanking him.

Ben walks into some guy's dorm room. I guess the guy is Barry, since he's clearly a bookie of some sort. Although last we heard, Lynn refused to give Ben Barry's number, so I don't know how he found him. Whatever. I'm letting it go. Ben says he knows he owes Barry some money, and says that if Barry could just spot him a little more, he could get caught up. Barry says he doesn't have the money to spot, but he does have a way that Ben could help him out and make some money. Ben doesn't want to threaten people who owe Barry money. Barry says it's not the Mafia, and that he wants "friendly folks." He hands Ben a list and asks if he knows anyone one it. Ben reluctantly looks at the list and then admits that he knows a couple of them, and that one of them lives in Julie's dorm. Barry is glad to hear it.

Ben arrive at Kelvin Hall and sees Guy sitting in the lounge. Ben walks over and introduces himself, and then says that they have a friend in common: Barry. Guy immediately asks if Ben is going to beat him up. Ben says it's not like that, and explains that when Guy doesn't pay up, Barry has to pay the money out of his own pocket to cover bets. Guy says he never thought about it like that, and offers up the thirty dollars he made washing dishes, promising to get the rest soon. Ben looks disgusted with himself, and tells Guy to forget it. Guy asks what about Barry, and Ben says, "Screw Barry."

Men's locker room. I get all excited about the potential of Scott Speedman in a towel or shirtless or something, but he's fully dressed. Goddammit! Lynn walks in and asks Ben if he's ready for the meet with Rutgers. Things are tense, so I guess they haven't really talked since their fight. Lynn addresses it, but Ben pretends nothing is going on. Lynn says he just wants to make sure Ben is okay. Ben asks why he wouldn't be, and Lynn says, "No reason." Lynn says that he knows Ben hasn't paid Barry yet. Ben says he will. Lynn offers to help, but Ben refuses. The coach comes in and says he needs to talk to Ben. Lynn leaves. The coach yells that he got a call from the bursar's office and that there's a screw up with Ben's tuition; Ben is going to be suspended until he's paid out. Should he really be talking about Ben's financial problems right there in the locker room? Ben says that it's a mistake, and the coach tells him to get it cleared up. Ben promises to get it figured out. The coach leaves, and Ben sits down and puts his head in his hands.

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