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Ben and Sean visit the loan officer together. As they wait, Ben thanks Sean again, saying that his life would be really screwed up right now if not for Sean. Aw. They're so not getting the loan. Sean starts going off on how much more interesting nameplates could be. The loan officer returns. Ben asks if they are all set. The officer says that there are credit issues. Sean says there can't be. The loan officer mentions Fuhrman Dough Company. Sean explains that it's one of his business ventures -- bagel knobs, which are like doughnut holes. The loan officer says that until Sean pays back his debt, they can't get the loan. Ben says that he really needs the loan. The officer apologizes. Ben asks what he's supposed to do, getting angrier. Sean tries to calm him down. The officer apologizes again, and Ben says the offier isn't sorry, so he shouldn't say he is. The officer walks away. Ben sits down and puts his head in his hand, which is Scott Speedman language for "What the fuck am I going to do?" He does it a lot in this episode. Sean says it'll be all right. Ben says he's not so sure.

Felicity works the counter at Dean & Deluca. Booger walks in, and Felicity says he took a pretty long lunch. Booger says he thinks he's getting an infection. Felicity tells him they need to talk. Booger says he can't come in on Saturday because he has a doctor's appointment. Felicity skeptically says, "On Saturday?" Booger says it's a specialist. Felicity says she's really sorry about this, but that she has to let him go. Booger doesn't get it. Felicity explains that she's firing him. Booger says that's not a good thing. Felicity apologizes and says that things aren't working out. Booger looks like he's about to cry, and apologizes. Felicity tells him not to apologize. Booger wishes her luck. Felicity returns the wish, and Booger says he'll need it. He turns and slowly walks out, but not before taking his Dean & Deluca hat off and putting it on the pastry case. Then he bursts into tears.

Noel walks into his room and Richard says, "Hi roomie!" Noel tells him not to say that, and asks what Richard is doing. Richard is reading Noel's mail, because he just left it lying around, and says that Noel got a letter offering him a summer internship in Berlin. Noel snatches it away and reads it, saying he didn't think he had a chance. Richard asks what Felicity will say, because they were supposed to spend time together that summer. Noel says that was before they broke up. Richard snorts that he forgot they are just friends. Noel says it's "all about foundations and rebuilding." Richard asks what that means, and Noel admits that he has no idea. Richard sits next to Noel and says that this is Noel's chance to find out Felicity's true feelings. Richard thinks Noel should tell Felicity about the internship, and if she looks happy, she's moved on, but if she looks upset, she still loves Noel. Noel says he won't test Felicity like that. He looks over at Richard, who is still in his underwear, and asks if he ever has class. Richard says that moving rooms is very stressful and that he needed some downtime. Noel tells Richard to go away so Noel can study, and then warns him that if he ever reads Noel's mail again, he's "going back in the hotbox." Richard looks frightened at the prospect.

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