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Ben walks down a deserted street. He walks by a group of guys, and one of them bumps his shoulder. Ben stops to apologize, and the guys jump him, punching and kicking. They walk off, leaving Ben lying in pain on the sidewalk.

Felicity and Noel arrive at the dorm, looking sad. Felicity thanks Noel for helping them look for Ben. She asks if Ben will show up at the loft soon. Noel is sure Ben is just walking around the city, clearing his head. He asks Felicity to let him know when she hears something, no matter what time it is. They stare at each other, and then kiss softly. Noel says that going beyond friendship could be bad. Felicity agrees that they could both get hurt. They kiss again. Felicity says that friends can kiss, and Noel agrees, "Oh, absolutely." They start making out right there in the hallway. Noel's door opens and Richard angrily asks Noel where he's been, and if he has class in the morning. Felicity apologizes for waking him. Richard asks Noel if he's coming in. Noel reaches over and slams the door shut, then apologizes. Felicity says she should go see if Julie called. Noel says good night.

In her room, Felicity sits in the window as the sun rises. She tells Sally that Julie did call, but that she hasn't heard from Ben, and neither has anyone else. Felicity says that it's 7:00 AM and no one knows where he is. Julie called the cops, but they told her you have to wait forty-eight hours to report a missing person. So they wait.

Felicity arrives at Dean & Deluca and knocks on the door. Booger answers, and he is a transformed man. He doesn't move in slow motion anymore, and he doesn't look sad. He's chipper. He lets Felicity in. Felicity asks why Booger is there, and why he's wearing a shirt and tie. Booger explains that Abby got in after Felicity left last night and promoted him to assistant manager. Felicity is shocked. Abby walks out and, without looking Felicity in the eye, says that what Felicity did was totally irresponsible, but that Abby was impressed with Booger. Abby says that she was going to fire Felicity, but Booger stood up for her. Felicity starts to thank Booger, but he mouths that she doesn't have to. A nun walks in carrying a poster that the orphans made to thank him for his volunteer work. Abby shakes her head and says that Booger is like an angel.

Elena is walking down the hall when McGrath stops her and asks if she has a minute. She follows him back to his office. He says he was thinking about her question about dinner. Elena starts to apologize, but McGrath interrupts to say he thinks it's a good idea. Elena is surprised. McGrath asks if the offer is still good, and Elena says it is.

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