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Remember When Everyone Wasn't Dumb That One Time?

Anyway, Yul says that he knew Jonathan was a rational and smart player, so it made sense to appeal to his rational side. So Yul explained that if Jonathan didn't flip, there was an excellent chance that Jonathan would be eliminated either that round or the following round. "So, really, you have no choice," Yul quotes himself as saying. I find that hilarious, because I'm sure he didn't do it in a mean way at all. Like a hired killer, you know? "I'm really sorry. But if you don't do as I say, you are ruined." Yul adds that he also tried to gather a little insurance that Jonathan wouldn't burn the Aitu four. He told Jonathan that the only reason Jonathan hadn't been voted out was that Raro thought Jonathan had the idol, so if Raro found out that it was actually Yul who had the idol, then Jonathan would be gone. It's not something I imagine went enormously far, but it's an interesting and creative piece of thinking. It makes more sense than it initially sounds like it does: Yul was loosely offering Jonathan a place close to the end, and was saying that if Jonathan stayed with Raro but caused Yul to have to play the idol, then Jonathan would be promptly voted out himself.

Jeff next calls out the fact that Yul voted Jonathan out shortly thereafter in a way that helped Yul win, in the sense that Adam had been so insistent about lasting longer than Jonathan. I'm not sure that was quite as calculated -- as in, calculated ahead of time -- as Jeff is making it sound, but okay. Adam confirms to Jeff that if Yul hadn't complied with the demand and voted Jonathan off first, Adam would have voted for Ozzy at the final. As it was when Adam first brought it up, it's almost impossibly spiteful and lame, if you think about it -- that the position in which a third party was voted off would have changed Adam's vote, but...whatever. Moreover, Parvati is a big fat liar, because she also made it clear that her jury vote would be about this same thing, and she didn't do it. If you're going to be petty, you should at least have some follow-through. Jeff tries to start a little ugliness by asking Ozzy whether he knew that Yul had this "deal" with Adam. Ozzy basically says yes: Adam told Ozzy that he had promised to vote for Yul because of the Jonathan thing. Ozzy, of course, tried to sway Adam by making it clear that it wasn't all Yul's decision, which was true, I'm sure. But this is where declining to be that "Godfather" has a certain risk, of course. Yul stepped up and was the leader, and usually, that gets you screwed. So Ozzy's plan was safer, but in this individual situation, Adam gave the reward to the person he visualized as the leader.

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