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Remember When Everyone Wasn't Dumb That One Time?

Jeff now asks Rebecca and Jenny about being voted off before the rat snake who then betrayed the faithless Rarovians. Jenny says she wishes she had said something at tribal council when the bottle was opened, just to have a chance to save herself. That...would not have worked. It turns out that Jenny has some theory about how Yul would have tried to flip her instead of Jonathan if she'd made it to the merge, and that she wouldn't have flipped, and she really is kidding herself.

Next up: Cao Boi! And racial divisions! But first! Sekou is sitting in with the band to play his song about Survivor, which I'm sorry to say is about as good as you would think, except that it's ripped off directly from "All Night Long." Seriously, haven't people learned by now not to write songs about the damn show?

When we return, we get a clip of Cao Boi's wonderful fire-making skills, as well as his insistence that the Asian community never accepts him. He heals Brad and explains that he belongs with hippies. When we return to CBS Television "City," Jeff asks Cao Boi the same thing he asked Ozzy, which is the incredibly culturally sensitive question, "Where do you come from?" Cao Boi explains that he's been beaten down all his life. He's a lover, not a fighter, and so forth. He's done it his way. Rather frighteningly, Cao Boi claims that going on the show is "the culmination of [his] life experience." I so incredibly powerfully hope that isn't true, as I hope in every case. Jeff throws Cao Boi a huge softball by asking him whether people just don't get him. He's misunderstood! Don't hate the Cao Boi, hate the Cao! Or something. Cao Boi says something about being misunderstood in the sense that people think he doesn't speak English, which he finds a lot funnier than anyone else in the room does. He definitely has a bad case of cackling at his own jokes in a way that takes all the air out of them. Jeff asks Cao Boi about a comment he apparently made to the effect that "kids today" just aren't patient, and Cao Boi responds that he's more "old-school," so he tends to redo everything to double-check. Cao Boi, incidentally, is forty-two years old, which is a little young to be making "kids today" speeches. I really don't even understand his rant about rapid processing of information, but I'm not sure I need to. Jeff brings up Cao Boi's tendency to tell Asian jokes inside the tent at night, and Yul and Becky squirm uncomfortably.

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