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Ice to See You

At the Torch. Chloe is typing on her iMac. She's connecting to the 'net. She hears a banging noise and gets up to investigate. In the school hallway, she finds a trail of yellow flower petals. Amused, she follows them. But instead of airy music, we have the music of foreboding. Chloe is smiling, big-time.

Outside the coffee shop, the limo has stopped. Lana asks what's wrong. Rosycheeks says it's complicated, but asks her to stay at the coffee shop, where she'll be safe. From what, he won't say. He asks her to wait for him. She says, "Sure." Why couldn't he have given her a ticket to the concert and just met her there? It's not like he couldn't run his ass to Metropolis in time. He tells her, lamely, that this is the best non-date he's ever had. He leaves, as she looks perplexed and a little annoyed.

Smallville high school of terror. Chloe is still following the flower petals down the hall. At a door labeled "Pool," there's a sign that reads, "Come In Please." How did ShawnPop write that without the ink freezing up in his pen? Chloe enters the pool room -- which blue-glows against the walls -- and calls out for him. Chloe says she agreed to a cappuccino, and she's not skinny-dipping. Does she just get free rein at the school after hours? ShawnPop comes in as the suspenseful music starts up. He locks the pool door. "I'm sorry," he tells Chloe. "I don't have a choice." It sounds remarkably whiny, considering he's the bad guy. Chloe asks what happened. Where's her digital camera now? ShawnPop says he can't stay warm. She asks why he doesn't just sit by a fire. "I only get a quick fix," he tells her. He tells her body heat lasts longer, before lunging forward at her.

Buck: Get her! GET HER!

Chloe edges back and falls right into the pool, Dynasty-style. She starts to swim to the opposite side of the pool. Shawn bends down, hovers his hands over the water, and starts sucking the warmth out in little CGI vapors. As Chloe tries to get out of the pool, we hear crunching that sounds like it did when Shapeshifta' Girl would morph in last week's episode. Chloe is about to leave the pool when it all starts turning to ice. Her foot is caught in the ice just as she's getting up. Instead of a witty, sarcastic remark here, Chloe just pants and says, "No!" ShawnPop tells Chloe he won't hurt her. Just then, Clark arrives at the pool door. It's locked, but that's no match for him. He pulls the door (without even breaking the knob), and runs in just as ShawnPop was closing in. Rosycheeks punches through the ice to free Chloe. When ShawnPop tries to suck Clark's warmth (his body warmth), he gets punched and flies across the room. Clark pulls Chloe out, helps her up, and tells her to run. Again, no sarcastic remark from Chloe. Rosycheeks turns back to the icy pool room, but nobody's there now. The pool's still frozen over.

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