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Ice to See You

Power station. ShawnPop is grabbing on to two metal wires and letting purple electricity course through himself. This kid's got spark!

Stately Luthor Manor. The lights go out. I thought this was a dinner party. Instead, Lex, MamaKent, and Bo Duke are just standing around talking. Lex says that the generator works when the lights come back on. "Power must have blown," he says, and if that isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle...oh, never mind. Lex continues his business spiel, which I can't imagine has lasted this long with everything else that's happened. Lex gets to the point. "Your farm is drowning in debt. We both know it," he tells Bo Duke. "I keep trying to offer you a hand, but you keep slapping it away," Lex adds. He fails to mention where he's trying to put that hand. Bo Duke stubbornly says that he was taught by a very wise man to solve his own problems. "Your father lived in different times," Lex tells him. He's wearing a blue-purple shirt, by the way. Lex pulls out documents revealing that Bo Duke's dad did use handouts: government subsidies through lean times. Bo Duke didn't know that, it seems. When he gets a dirty look from Bo Duke, Lex says it's all a matter of public record. "Why are you so interested in our family, Lex?" Bo Duke finally says, wearily. Lex goes on about how Rosycheeks saved his life and pulled him out from the wreckage and all that. Lex asks, finally, if Bo Duke is willing to put his pride aside to save his family.

Rock music. Truck drivin'. Jocko sighs about twelve times until he finally asks Lana what's going on with the limo. "You went out with your friends and I went out with Clark," Lana says. Jocko asks if this is some kind of test, and why she didn't just tell him. He doesn't even seem that upset that it was Rosycheeks. He's just upset that she didn't tell him. Oh, wait, he is mad. He calls it a date and starts to get mad. "Whitney, look out!" Lana yells suddenly. We see ShawnPop standing in the road waving his arms. Jocko swerves, calling, "Shawn!" and runs off the road. How many accidents has Jocko had? Who keeps giving him new trucks? It looks like ShawnPop got hit, but he gets up just fine and heads toward the truck.

In the truck, Jocko asks if Lana is okay. Just a twisted ankle, she says. Right. Jocko says he wants to get Lana somewhere safe. He runs around the truck and helps carry her out of the truck. Conveniently, Jocko sees lights at the Luthor house right down the road. They head that way.

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