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Ice to See You

Lex's lair of lame loan talk. Bo Duke has finally relaxed enough to sit in a chair. They're still discussing financial options; Lex has started up a fire. MamaKent seems like she's being won over by this young stud's proposal. Lex brings over two glasses of liquor; when asked what's in it for him in this crazy financial deal, Lex says he thinks there's profit to be made from the Kent farm. Lex tells them to think about their options. I'm bored witless, despite Lex's undeniable charm. The weird butler guy opens the doors, and in walk Jocko and Lana. MamaKent looks at them, surprised. "Where's Clark?" she asks.

There's Clark! He's blur-running through the woods, stopping to check out the lay of the land, then running some more. He finds the wrecked truck. But no Lana. Instead, ShawnPop sneaks up behind him and grabs his arm, where a blast of yellow light appears. ShawnPop reacts with smiling pleasure as Rosycheeks grunts in pain. I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Rosycheeks falls to the ground. "Thanks for the warm-up," ShawnPop says, as he turns white again. ShawnPop sees the Lex house in the distance and walks toward it. We pan down and see Clark, blue and frozen. Dramatic music crescendos.

Buck: Heh. Nice, with the catchphrase. Very nice.
Omar: You enjoyed that, did you?
Buck: Oh, don't be such a ...a warmie.

Back at the Lex house, Lex brings over to Jocko and Lana something that looks like hot cocoa. He's such a perfect host. "Sorry about your date," Lex tells Lana. She and Jocko exchange a look, and Lana looks so guilty, she may as well start calling herself Hester. In the background, MamaKent is worried about Clark, but Bo Duke says he's fine. "He's Clark, Martha," Bo Duke says by way of explanation. The lights begin to flicker.

Outside, ShawnPop has his hand on an electric generator, and looks as if he's really pleasing himself with that juice. The generator freezes up and stops.

A block away, Rosycheeks is still lying there, frozen. His Popsicle fingers start to move. His eyes open, widely. He's breathing. Wow. I am so surprised at this amazing development.

At the Lex castle, Bo Duke grabs a flashlight (a small one again), and says he's going to check the front gate. MamaKent says she'll check the generator. Lex seems sad to have them go and assures them he can do it all himself. Jocko doesn't offer to do a damn thing but sit there and drink more cocoa, the better to put MamaKent in jeopardy. Lex blows out air, in sadness.

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