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Ice to See You

Outside, MamaKent goes toward the generator. Alone, of course. ShawnPop shows up, also of course. He's smiling lecherously. "Are you Shawn?" MamaKent asks. "Yes ma'am," he answers politely. She asks what he wants. "Who, me? I just want to get warm," he says. Rosycheeks enters the scene, telling ShawnPop to get away from his mother. MamaKent runs off on Rosycheek's command. "That's your mom?" ShawnPop asks. "She's hot!" he declares. Clark tells ShawnPop he has to go to a hospital. ShawnPop goes on a little Al Pacino-inspired rant about how that's not going to work and he needs human contact. Challenge from Clark. Boasting threats from ShawnPop. This is getting so tiresome. In mock fear, ShawnPop says, "Brrr!" That's almost funny. ShawnPop takes a swing at Rosycheeks, but Clark is right there with a pipe to the gut, sending ShawnPop flying across the landscape. Everything is dark and misty and I have an uncomfortable flashback to Wolf Lake. ShawnPop appears and grabs Clark. They tussle a bit. ShawnPop tries to suck Clark's...warmth and ends up straddling him. "I don't know what it is about you, Clark, but I haven't felt this good in two days!" he proclaims. My word. ShawnPop threatens to suck all of Clark's friends and family. "I'll never let you hurt them," Rosycheeks grunts, and girly-kicks ShawnPop off him. ShawnPop goes flying...and lands right in the lake. The lake immediately freezes. Lame! Lame! This is Lake Lame! We get an overhead view of ShawnPop, encased in ice. Clark looks angry, but not at all disturbed by the death of a classmate. Have I already said "lame"?

Buck: Yes. Even I, a bucket of ice, must admit that this was The Lame.
Omar: The Lame. Yes. We are in agreement, Buck.
Buck: I'm sorry I was so curt earlier. It's not easy being a bucket of ice, you know.
Omar: I know.
Buck: Sometimes we leak, or condense and make water rings everywhere. We get left in hotel rooms, forgotten after a night of partying. I'm just trying to say...I'm sorry, man. Are we cool?
Omar: Yeah, Buck. We cool.

Kent farm, as signified by the red mailbox. Bo Duke is working on a motorcycle in a workshop area that, I bet, we'll never get to see used on the show. Lex walks in. He says he heard Bo Duke got a bank loan. He was sure that the Kents were going to take him up on his generous offer. That's all he has to talk about? A bank loan? Not about the freak that almost killed all of them? "Do you despise me that much?" Lex asks. "Believe it or not, Lex, some things have nothing to do with you," Bo Duke says. Well, nothing fun. Bo Duke says he's betting on his family. Lex is mad that he's gambling with Clark's future. Because he's in luuuuv, still. "They'll kill you with interest, while waiting for you to fail," Lex complains. "At least with the bank, I know where I stand," Bo Duke says. Lex, a little angrily, says that he knows Bo Duke doesn't believe him, but he sincerely wants to help and his offer will stand in the future. He leaves, in a bit of a huff.

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