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Ice to See You

At school, sad crappy strummy music is playing as Chloe lights a candle at an altar to the frozen, shattered girl. There are tons of red, pink and white candles, and I'll bet every one of them came from that girl's bathroom. Rosycheeks and Pete walk up to Chloe. She's sad because that could have been her up there, immortalized in a shrine! Chloe is sad now. Clark says everybody's looking for their soulmate. "Soulmate"? Who said anything about "soulmates"? Pete gloats that their dates went to hell, and he ended up with the limo. Chloe says she's swearing off men, which I guess is bad news for Lana. Clark suggests that Chloe stay away from heat-sucking horndogs in the future. They see Lana at her locker. Pete and Chloe excuse themselves.

Awkward exchange. Rosycheeks, wearing a red sweater, asks about Lana's ankle. It's miraculously cured. She says he never came back the other night. He replies, "I did, but you were gone. I'm sorry." He says he wanted things to work out differently. He asks if they could try again sometime, maybe Saturday. Lana says Whitney has their museum day planned, and was freaked out by Lana and Clark's non-date. Rosycheeks asks what she told Jocko. "The truth. That we're just friends," she says. Wow. Burn. Lana excuses herself. Rosycheeks stops her to ask why she goes out with Jocko. "Because whenever I need him, he's there. He makes me feel safe," she says. She walks away, leaving Clark to stand like a dope in the middle of the hall, played out by a new Jewel song. You know you're lame when Jewel has to express your inner feelings in song. Fade to black, credits. I'd just like to point out that not only did Radiohead not appear in this episode, they didn't even use any of their songs. At least Gilmore Girls was able to book the Bangles. But then again, I guess all they had to do to get The Bangles was arrange for someone to pick up the band members' kids from soccer practice.

Omar: So, Buck, what did you think? Buck? BUCK!
Buck: I'm melting, man. I'm so sorry.
Omar: How did this happen!?
Buck: Warmth, dumb-ass.
Omar: Can I do something? Stick you back in the freezer?
Buck: No...I'll just...turn to a block of hard ice.
Omar: I'm so sorry. I didn't realize the recapping would take so long.
Buck: Omar...You have something for me.
Omar: Just name it.
Buck: You have've go to...

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