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Ice to See You

Omar: DAMN! Wow!
Buck: What? That? Please. Amateur night.
Omar: You weren't impressed with that?
Buck: Freezing a naked girl in a room with that much humidity? I crap ice pellets bigger than that. Try freezing an Eskimo in a fur parka with little or no wind shear. That's what I'm talking about. Just try it!
Omar: Okay, fine. I will.
Buck: Pussy.

Casa de Kent. Bo Duke is fixing some carburetor-looking thing on the kitchen table. MamaKent dutifully complains about it. They argue about going to Lex's seminar. It's not very interesting. Bo Duke doesn't trust the Luthor family. MamaKent wants Bo to give Lex a chance. Anything new here? Not really. Except that their farm is on the line and MamaKent is getting desperate. She also already told Lex that they would go to the dinner. Rosycheeks walks in. "Hello, citizens," he says brightly. MamaKent totally tries to deliver a Gilmore Girls line here: "I'm not familiar with this child. Where's the moody one? Lives upstairs? Runs real fast?" MamaKent? I watch Lorelai Gilmore. I am friends with the girl who recaps Lorelai Gilmore. You, MamaKent, are no Lorelai Gilmore. Rosycheeks reveals to the parentals his "not-a-date date" with Lana Lang. They react with surprise. MamaKent puckers. Bo Kent is supremely smugly satisfied when he finds out that Lex is behind his son's not-a-date date. "Well, I guess Lex planned all of our evenings for us," he says. Ass. MamaKent loudly exhales over that. As Rosycheeks runs upstairs to go do his pre-date preparation (think There's Something About Mary, but super), MamaKent asks whether Lana isn't still dating Jocko Whitney. "She's not married, Ma," Rosycheeks says with a glint of Lex-evil in his eye. MamaKent thinks she's just entered a parallel dimension. One in which she is Bizarro Lorelai.

The Ice House. ShawnPop is on the phone, sitting next to a dead fireplace, calling up every girl he knows, trying to set up a Shawn-Warming party. He's blue again. He calls a girl named "Bella," who shoots him down based on his past dawg-ish behavior. He tries lighting matches to start a fire, but they freeze on him whenever he tries. Why hasn't the cordless phone frozen up yet? Doesn't it get warm when you use it for a while? Just then, days later, he notices Chloe's phone number on his hand. "Chloe!" he says. Eureka, you cold bastard.

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