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Ice to See You

Speaking of Chloe, she's at Rosycheeks's house, looking up his horoscope on her laptop. Smallville may be small, but it seems to have remarkably stable ISP service. His horoscope tells him to contain his excitement, which Chloe says will be hard given that he's been waiting for this date since his first growth spurt. "This isn't a date," he reminds Chloe. She came over, apparently, for fashion advice. She sees a shirt he wants to try on and says, "Burn that." Okay, I'll give her that one. That was funny. She asks what else he's got. He says he'll check the laundry basket. Nothing super about that. He goes away, and Chloe's phone rings.

Minutes later, Chloe and Rosycheeks are talking about it. She tries to explain that ShawnPop was sick when he blew her off earlier. Clark is skeptical. Chloe makes more excuses and for the first time acknowledges that ShawnPop is hot. Or just the opposite. Chloe says she invited ShawnPop to bring her a coffee at The Torch. I'll bet he loved the sound of that. Warming up against a torch. Clark sounds like a sixty-year-old person as he tells Chloe, "I just don't want you to get hurt." Chloe's not worried. She pulls out a shirt from the basket. "Blue's a good color on you," she says. "Really?" Clark says. The cheese truck just crashed into my living room and dumped all of its goods all over me and my cat.

Stately Luthor Manor. Bo Duke and MamaKent arrive and are led in by a houseboy in a Mao shirt. Lex greets them. It turns out they're the only ones who came. Or rather, they're the only ones Lex invited. Bo Duke gets ready to leave. Lex says he knows about their financial problems, and wants to help. "Well, then, I guess we're here to listen," Bo Duke finally says. Lex takes a sip of his alcoholic beverage and smiles mysteriously.

View of the stars. We pan down to Lana's blue house. A limo parked out front rolls away. Lana and Clark talk and flirt. Or, at least, they were about to until Clark accuses of Lana of running away from her problems ("defensive reading," he calls it) when things get tough. Way to open a date, dickweed. Lana, uncomfortable, says he's right. Rosycheeks says he does the same thing with astronomy. He imagines what it would be like to live on a different world. Lana says he seems to understand her. He does a weird segue into talking about magic (geek alert!) and before she can throw herself from the limo, he's got a deck of cards for some card tricks! A more lame use of a limo I have never heard of. Lana picks a card and holds it to her chest. Rosycheeks does the X-Ray Vision thing and sees that it's a 3 of hearts. Let me guess: Clark, Lana, and Lex are the three hearts? Just a thought. Clark totally didn't take a peek at her breastals while he was using his super-vision, either. Lana is amazed at his guess. She gives the card back, and their thumbs touch. What's next, thumb wrestling? He should have totally consulted with Lex about what to do on the date. Lana gets bold and says that the whole not-date situation is weird. Clark agrees, saying that he had to explain to people that he's a eunuch and didn't want sex at all from this outing. He asks about Jocko. "I didn't tell him," Lana says. Clark asks whether she feels guilty. "He's hanging out with his friends, and I'm hanging out with mine," Lana says, which is exactly what people say right before they're about to cheat, not that I would know. For no good reason, Lana turns on the limo TV set. A news report on station KRAC says police are looking for ShawnPop after finding Jenna's body. "Oh my God!" Lana says. "Stop the car!" Rosycheeks tells the limo driver.

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