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Love and Other Royal Pains

Nikita and Erik skulk around other parts of the museum. She skillfully manages not to flash her goodies even with moving in a crouch. She must test these slinky dresses in front of a mirror before putting them in action. Erik is befuddled (about the assassination attempt, not her wardrobe) so Nikita explains that Zahidov and Kristina are responsible. Erik doesn't seem surprised. Their marriage was political in nature, meant to help restore Georgia's constitutional monarchy. He plans to give up his throne. "You don't love her," Nikita realizes. "People in love don't try to kill each other," Erik says. Nikita looks at him and deadpans, "Are you serious?" Heh. He's in love with his assistant Leela, which Kristina knew about and seemed totally fine with. Yeah... not so much. Nikita gives him the walkie and has him warn Leela that Kristina can't be trusted, then tells Leela to give her headset to Alex. Alex is relieved to hear Nikita's voice, but quickly puts on a show for the other agents. "Listen, bitch, I caught you once and I can do it again!" Nikita tells Alex to trip the silent alarm in the security office so the police will come.

Alex heads for the security office, where Steven is trying to catch sight of Nikita on the monitors. She gives him the headset so Nikita can distract him and mess with his mind a little. Alex secretly trips the alarm. Two masked agents walk into the room. Nikita grabs a katana from a display, artfully slashes the agents, then sheathes her sword as they fall silently to the floor. She's a badass. She grabs the fallen agents' guns and runs to the rooftop with the prince just as police cars pull into the street below. Nikita tells him to go, but he refuses to leave without Leela. "Love over duty, huh?" Nikita asks. "Who wouldn't make that choice?" Erik asks. It sounds like a rhetorical question, but Nikita whispers that she knows someone. In the security office, Steven is fuming. Alex thinks they should retreat, but Steven wants to capture Nikita. Does that ever end well for anybody?

Returning to the main exhibition room, Steven gives the other agents their orders to find Nikita. Alex says again they should leave. "Division will extract us from whatever custody," she says in earshot of the hostages. Steven blah blahs about how Percy will be happy when they kill Nikita. Good job keeping your secret organization a secret, you two.

Meanwhile, Nikita and Erik have made their way to the basement. Nikita notices some canisters of halon gas (a fire suppressant) and mulls this over for a bit. Erik notices a ricochet wound on Nikita's thigh and tends to it, because it turns out he's not just a prince, but a doctor, too. He's kind of awesome. Can we have him replace Ryan Fletcher? He also wants Nikita to know he hasn't broken his vows. He's in love with Leela, but won't be with her until he's left Kristina. They talk about love and honor and about how his country needs someone to believe in. She tells him not to underestimate them. She sounds sad.

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