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The MB Strikes Back!

Bye, Angel! People who watched you are really going to miss you.

Kent Farm. Bo goes to look for Clark, since he's been gone a while and MamaKent is worried. She says he's been gone since 3. And it's what, about 6 PM? Call the authorities! Bo tells MamaKent to call The Talon (it's not closed down yet?), and he'll check the caves. A car honks. It's Chloe in her red convertible. She gives Bo Duke the results of the fingerprinting. Chloe says that, even for her, what she uncovered is pretty weird. Bo looks at Chloe as the dramatic end-of-season music begins.

The music takes us to a cave scene. Clark and Lara are holding hands. A fissure opens in the cave wall, and bright yellow light and wind come out of it. Ooh, that reeks! Mummified toejam! The camera rotates around them. Kara looks pretty happy. Clark looks pretty terrified. Bo comes in and destroys their little fissure rite. "Wait!" he calls. Clark does. Bo holds the paperwork from Chloe and says that the girl's name isn't Kara. It's "Lindsay." She's not from Krypton; she's a girl who was arrested for shoplifting sixteen years before. Kara tries to get Clark to ignore Bo, but Clark examines the newspaper article. Bo tells the girl, even as the wind and light are still going, that, "Lindsay" was driving with her mother when the meteor shower hit. The car was hit on Route 8, right near the caves. Bo says that the body of the girl was never found. Her picture looks nice on the newspaper page. Clark says she hasn't aged a day. Crazy Kara/Lindsay says that's because she's been waiting for Clark. Creepy! Bo tells the girl that Jor-El used her to lure Clark, and stripped her of her humanity. Yeah, well. There probably wasn't much there to begin with. Ya shoplifter! Bo tries to get the two of them to escape with him. Jor-El's voice implores Clark to go with Kara. "I'm not going anywhere!" Clark yells back. "I'll never be who you want me to be!" Instead of killing Clark, Jor-El goes and vaporizes Kara/Lindsay instead. She disappears in a flash. She was so hot she went molten! Clark yells to Jor-El, asking what he did to the girl. "She served her purpose," says Voice of Jor-El. Bo Duke has, too. Instead of killing Bo outright, Jor-El sends a sort of electrical fire lasso around Bo's neck. Bo screams and tries to break the choke hold. Clark yells for Jor-El to leave his father alone. Jor-El tells Clark to step forward or Bo will die. Bo, choked. Clark tries to decide. Bo manages to call out, "I've lived a full life, son!" Bo says that Jor-El can do whatever he wants to Bo as long as Clark is free. "I'll never be free!" Clark calls back. "No!" Bo yells back. Clark's face is pulled toward the fissure in jerky-sucking bursts, similar to what the Dementors do in the new Harry Potter movie. Clark somehow becomes digitized and pulled into the crack in the cave wall. Clark is now an MP3 file. The fire-lasso breaks on Bo, and he falls on his back. Whither, Bo?

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