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The MB Strikes Back!

Papa Luthor's jail cell. He's sitting on a chair -- center stage, as it were -- looking as if he's about to bust into a song from Chicago. Maybe he will. That would be nice. A thug who was led in by a guard stands to face him. Papa Luthor looks up at the thug. "Do it," he says. Prison sex? Whoa!

Mozart's "Requiem" plays throughout the entire rest of the episode. Sure, you can say all you want about how it's a blatant Godfather rip, or how shows like The O.C. or The Sopranos pull off musical montages to much better effect, but given the rest of the season, let's just enjoy this one and give it props for hitting some high notes that the show is not known to typically hit. As the music plays, the cross-cut scenes go like this:

The thug pulls back Papa Luthor's hair, exposing the old man's face to harsh light.

MamaKent walks out of the Kent front door in slow motion. She sees something out in the fields and begins walking toward it in alarm.

Close-up of Papa Luthor's nose and eyes. Cunning!

An SUV with U.S. Government plates pulls up to a house in a residential area. Chloe gets out of the car, followed by her dad.

Quick cut to a set of electric clippers, about to shave some of Papa Luthor's hair.

Lex pours himself some brown liquor of indeterminate age and brand.

Papa Luthor is getting shorn about the head. That's a lot of hair to cut.

MamaKent, she of the voluptuous figure, keeps walking in slow motion toward the field.

Back-of-the-head shot of Papa Luthor. More shaving.

Chloe and her dad take their bags inside this new house. Chloe takes one look back at the government agents. The one in the passenger seat, who has bright metal frames on his glasses and is bald, smirks at her. The SUV drives off.

Papa Luthor gets a glamour shot as his head is half-shaven.

Lex swigs his liquor.

Papa Luthor profile. All his hair on that side, except a swath in the back, is gone. I really hope they leave him with a rat tail. His chin makes him look a bit like a turtle here.

MamaKent, alarmed, starts running.

More shaving. Papa Luthor's left side is getting the clippers.

Chloe and her dad go inside the house. Her dad seems impressed. Chloe looks suspicious.

Hair falls on Papa Luthor's hands.

Chloe closes the door. As soon as she does, there's an explosion inside. Cut to an overhead shot of an exploding house. Then a front/side shot of a house exploding. Chloe! HOOOOOOLY SHIT!

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