Covenant (2)

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The MB Strikes Back!

Catwoman. Stupendously stupid idea? Or merely ludicrous?

The Magnficent Bastard is in a building with the not terribly imaginative title of "U.S. Penitentiary." Papa Luthor sits in his fabulous white cell. It's time for a visit from MB-in-training Lex Luthor. "Orange is a good color for you, dad," Lex says as an opening shot. Lex, pouring salt on the fabric, adds that it might get a little old after 25-to-life. Papa Luthor, patting down his shaggy mane, says he didn't call Lex to come in and trade insults. Awww, come on! Why not? Bust out with some "Mama" snaps! Papa Luthor takes a long breather, then says that no matter how wide the gulf is between the two of them, he'll always be Lex's father. Lex can't shut up: "And the devil that's haunted me since the day I was born." Papa Luthor takes another minute, then starts again: "As a father I have failed you. I realize that now. I'm sorry." Lex is stunned. Papa Luthor says that two years before (was this around the time he was playing blind?), he got diagnosed with a degenerative liver disease. Papa Luthor says he's tried everything, but that there's nothing. It's too late: "No amount of money can save me." Lex gulps and looks away. Papa Luthor comes to him, putting his hands against the metal fencing. He begs Lex not to let him die in prison. Lex comes toward the fence. He puts his hand over Papa Luthor's fingers. They hold hands. Lex shakes his head a bit: "Dad...this might've been more effective if you had a string quartet in the corner playing Barber's 'Requiem.'" Given the hair-cutting to come later, the line is doubly clever. Papa Luthor, grim-faced, takes his hand away. He says he understands why Lex wouldn't trust him. He says he's asked his doctors to release his medical files to Lex. Papa Luthor doesn't cry, but his eyes are pretty moist. Stern, complex looks are exchanged. Lex leaves the room as the sound of cells closing follow him out.

Kent Farm. Kara is staring out of a window around sunset time. The Kent Cabal is in the kitchen. MamaKent complains that the girl hasn't eaten anything since she's been there. I have no reason to think it's bad, but what if it's MamaKent's cooking at fault? Bo says the girl's appetite is the least of their problems. Clark says he thinks she's real (not imaginary? Thanks, Clark. Your insights continue to astonish and inform), and that Jor-El did send her. How else to explain her powers? Bo says, rightly, that a lot of people in the town have developed special abilities. Clark argues that the girl seems to know everything about Clark. Bo Duke says she knows as much as Dr. Swann did. "Do you think Swann sent Kara?" MamaKent asks worriedly. That theory is brushed aside as quickly as it was introduced, without discussion. Bo Duke says he just doesn't trust her. Kara suddenly appears in the kitchen. "You're the one who can't be trusted," she snaps at him. She accuses him of "breaking the covenant." The Ark of the Covenant? Indiana Jones is going to be so pissed. Kara continues: Jor-El gave Bo warnings, but he chose to ignore them. MamaKent asks what she's talking about. Kara tells Bo to reveal his secret. "What kind of deal did you make, Dad?" Clark asks. Bo grits his teeth as he shits a none-too-pleasing brick. Bo reveals, as he stares at Kara and no one else, that he promised to return one day Clark to Jor-El if he was given the powers to bring Clark back from Metropolis. Clark moves his head the way you do when you can't believe someone did something so stupid. MamaKent isn't too happy about it, either. Bo says that he had no idea it would be this soon. "Noooo," MamaKent moans.

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