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The MB Strikes Back!

After Lana goes, Kara appears next to Clark. She says that Lana really does love him, but that it's not meant to be. "No one knows what's meant to be," Clark says. I rip up my Nostradamus calendar. "Not you, not even Jor-El," Clark adds. Kara tells Clark that his love with Lana is earthbound and full of doubts and pain and sorrow. Also, long scenes, cheesy pop music, and bad CGI sunsets. Kara says that the love between her and Clark will be stronger than anything he can imagine. That's limiting the scope a bit, isn't it? She says that she and Clark are the only ones left; only they can preserve the Kryptonian race. Ah. I knew the Nazis would figure into this somewhere. "Come with me, Kal-El. Come home," she says. Clark says that this is his home. This crappy-ass farm in Kansas. She says it may seem so, but that everyone Clark knows will lie, betray, or leave him. Can we get on with it already? I think she's made this point clearly enough. Clark says he'll never go with her. He'll never go "around" with her, either, nor "steady." And there'll be absolutely no hand-holding!

Inside the Kent home. Clark has to steady himself on a hallway table from all the emotions he can't convey to us. There's a knock at the front door. It's a dreadlocked delivery guy, who unfortunately doesn't reach the comedic highs of the last delivery guy we saw on the show. There's a package for Clark. It's from "a Mr. Lionel Luthor," the delivery guy says. The packaging reads "Federate Couriers." Clark opens it. It's a single silver key. Clark thinks, "I thought these were usually octagon-shaped."

Stately Luthor Manor at night. Lex is behind his desk. He's reading the Papa Luthor medical report, which says in huge bold letters: "Diagnosis: Bastardous, Magnificent. Prognosis: Glorious Death." Lex says that his dad has visited the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, as well as every major medical institution in the Western world. He's talking to Chloe. Chloe looks at the report and surmises that Lex is having second thoughts about his dad's prison life. Chloe says she'll understand if Lex backs out, given that it's his father and the guy is dying. "Yeah," Lex says glumly, "and he's going to draw his last breath in prison, not the VIP suite at Metropolis General." That's cold. Even for Lex. Lex says he'll only do it if Chloe is still willing to go through with it. Didn't she say she would before? I think Lex is just looking for a push to get himself certain. Chloe doesn't like the sound of this, regardless. Lex says that a dying man has little to lose. He points out that his dad successfully raised the dead and pinned laboratory murders on his own son. Lex wonders what tactics Papa Luthor would use to keep himself out of prison. Chloe says that the FBI promised to put her and her dad in protective custody until after the trial. Witness Protection Program? How convenient that it coincides with the end of school for the summer (which I'm assuming means no issues of The Torch to put out). "Then what?" Lex asks. Chloe asks if Lex is trying to scare her. Lex says he's worried for Chloe and wants to make sure she has the facts before she testifies. Chloe looks worried for herself now. Nevertheless, she says that Papa Luthor has intimidated her long enough and that she's not backing down.

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