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El Futuro

A late-night security guard smacks a TV when it goes to static. He curses and switches to an ancient little radio to try to tune in to the game. Everybody loves basketball, suddenly! Then he gets smacked by the butt of a rifle to the back of his head, and goes down. Sadly, we'll never get to know this unsung hero of night labor. Poor Man's Wes Bentley drags Lana into this storage warehouse. "Which one is it?" he asks her. Lana takes him to a wire-fence storage unit. It's where she stashed his stuff after he skipped town. He asks for his books. She says she doesn't know which box she put them in. PM'sWB makes her start digging. "Hurry up, I don't have a lot of time, Lana," he moans. Lana pulls out some books, and he grabs one with a white cover. He looks inside. There's a cut-out compartment in the book, but it's empty. "Where is it?" he asks Lana. He yells that he had three vials of that life-saving serum in there. He asks Lana what she did with them. She says she didn't touch them. He calls her a liar and cocks the rifle. Lana takes the opportunity to use her dormant ninja skills. She kicks him in the face and gives him the old leg sweep. PM'sWB goes down. Lana crawls toward the rifle, but PM'sWB grabs her first. He pulls her up by the hair and throws her face-first into the wall-'o-fencing. He punches her in the kidneys. Ouch. Lana falls. As he grabs the rifle, Lana grabs a length of chain and smacks PM'sWB across the face with it. She grabs the cell phone he dropped and runs. PM'sWB struggles to get back on his feet and go after her.

Kent Home. It's still raining. Inside, MamaKent is holding some ice to Chloe's forehead. Clark walks in. MamaKent and Chloe tell him what happened. Bo Duke -- who doesn't look much the worse for wear -- says that the police are looking for Chloe and PM'sWB too. Chloe says that PM'sWB kept saying that Lana had something of his. Clark deduces that it's the serum. It's always the serum these days with these kids. With their hip-hop music and their gold chains. We didn't need serum when I was a kid! Clark says he's going to go to the youth center. He says the only thing they know for sure is that she's going to call that place. Isn't she going to call it like a day ago? Bo asks what good that'll do, since Clark already heard the call. Good one, Bo. That blow to the head knocked some common sense into you. Clark says he only heard half of it, and that he's going to try to figure out why it got routed to the past. Ah, a trans-dimensional stakeout. Call Emilio Estevez! MamaKent asks if Clark is going to try to get a clear connection and figure out where Lana is. Bo shushes MamaKent. The game is on, woman! Clark asks about the score. Basketball is exciting! 61-59, Vipers. The end is nigh.

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