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El Futuro

In the next scene, we're watching Tang walking down a dark hallway in the lab as the monkeys continue their infernal cries. At the end of the hallway, there's a closed cell. Tang takes a needle and a length of rubber hose out of her lab coat pocket. She opens the cell with her key. A hand grabs at her. It's Poor Man's Wes Bentley, and he's got eyebleed. And open sores. And a bad case of I Think He's About to Get Killed Off the Show-itis. He grabs the needle from Tang and injects himself in the stomach. The open sores disappear. He breathes, woozily. "Where have you been?' he asks, accusingly. Tang apologizes for keeping him in a lot of pain. He asks why they did this to him. "We were trying to give you a second chance," she explains. Wouldn't he have been asking these questions months before? PM'sWB says he's been hearing lots of noise; he wants to know what's going on. Tang says that they're shutting down the lab. He asks where they're going. She doesn't respond. Why is she telling him all this? He figures out that he's not going. He asks about the medicine. Tang says that Papa Luthor took all of it. PM'sWB drops the needle and says, gritting his teeth, "Then get it back!" Tang can't. He says he only has twelve hours. Tang tells him that Papa Luthor won't help; he doesn't even know PM'sWB is still alive. I still can't figure out why Tang doesn't assume that telling someone to his face that he's going to die won't make him freak out and get violent. Tang apologizes. PM'sWB asks what he's supposed to do. The anxiety music amps up considerably as he tightly grips the rubber hose he took from Tang. He lets it unravel in his hand. The music climaxes, but nothing happens. Yet.

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex says he's no expert on quantum tunneling or wormholes, but since people like Einstein ruled that time anomalies were possible, he won't rule them out. Lex is actually an expert on man tunneling and dickholes. Clark, in a blue jacket and red shirt (that Sheriff Cheshire remark about plaid clothes seems weird, since Clark hasn't work any in this episode), tells Lex, who now sits at his desk, that they need to find Poor Man's Wes Bentley to prevent what may happen that night. Lex, distracted, asks why Clark thinks Lex could help. Clark knows that Lex was at the lab and that he met with Dr. Tang. Lex is suddenly interested. He asks if Clark has been following him. To the sex club. Clark tells him not to turn this around on him. Whatever, dickweed. Try a little truthfulness. Clark floats his theory that PM'sWB died of liver disease a few months before and was one of Dr. Tang's subjects. "Lana's in trouble and I know you're holding out on me," says Clark. This from the king of dishonesty. Clark asks where PM'sWB is. He uses the Lana card again to try to get Lex to spill the beans. Lex thinks about it. He leans forward and tells Clark that there's no way PM'sWB is going to go after Lana. Clark, eyes set on Lex, asks how he can be so sure. With these fixed gazes and close proximity, it's like love blooming again. Lex says that PM'sWB can't leave the lab; he needs constant injections to stay alive. Clark says that he needs to see with his own eyes. Lex says that Clark will never be able to get in. "Not without you," Clark says stoically. And now we're transcending this particular conversation and veering into Gayest Look of the Episode territory and dialogue that shines in the bright blue sky.

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