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El Futuro

MONKEY SCREECH! This was a loud one. We're back at the lab. Lex and Clark enter the darkened place. Lex stares at a monkey. They consider each other. There are papers scattered everywhere, and the place seems to be abandoned. Except for screeching animals. Clark and Lex enter a room to find dead bodies scattered all over the floor. This place needs a serious Swiffer-ing. People in lab coats are bloody and deceased. Lex walks further. He rushes to the cell at the end of the hall. He bends down to find Dr. Tang, dead, her throat enlarged from being strangled with the rubber hose. Lex says Poor Man's Wes Bentley is gone. Dramatic music! Commercials! Goodbye, Dr. Tang, we'll miss you!

The stock footage of the Luthorcorp building along with the wisp of street steam and the vertigo-inducing upward angle. Papa Luthor enters his office and looks a bit shaken. Lex is sitting there waiting. "Was it worth it?" Lex asks. Let him work it. He'll put his thing down, flip it and reverse it. Lex asks whether sacrificing the lives of Dr. Tang and all the technicians was worth getting back into the pharmaceutical business. Papa Luthor, doing his best Johnny Carson, says he hopes Lex wasn't this emotional with the police. Hey-yo! Lex is pissed that he spent the last five hours covering for Papa Luthor. Papa Luthor says that he appreciates it, but denies that he has anything to do with the Metron lab. Lex gets up out of his chair and goes accusatory. "I suppose you didn't have anything to do with those murders, either!" he says. Papa Luthor has to hold back giggles as he says that even if he was as demonic as Lex thinks, he'd never do anything so sloppy. True dat. Papa Luthor says he's not worried. Lex asks how Papa Luthor can be "so cavalier." Papa says he has someone very competent in charge: Lex. He says that Lex wanted the project. Now it's his, and he can handle things. Lex is offended. He walks up to Papa Luthor with hate in his eyes. "Nice try, dad, but I'm not suiting up in the 11th hour," Lex says. "Clean up your own mess." Probably not the answer Papa Luthor was looking for.

Upstairs at The Talon. The ugliest stained-glass window stares us in the face. What is that, Prince Valiant? Clark is telling Lana about the massacre at the lab. She asks about Poor Man's Wes Bentley. They walk downstairs, and Clark says that the dude escaped. Lana asks if Clark thinks he killed everyone. Clark has surmised that he definitely strangled Dr. Tang to escape. And he has killed the notion that he may stick around on the show past this episode. Clark thinks the other people were just trying to stop him. Chloe comes up to Clark and Lana. Framed in the shot is a cake with lots of whipped cream and strawberries sticking out of it. I've given up wondering what things like this might portend. Chloe tells Lana and Clark that after being convinced to switch her long-distance service, she got a friend at the phone company to track down the number where Lana's distress call (from the future!) came from. Chloe says that it belonged to a cell phone owned by some lady none of them knows. Chloe says they can rack up another point in their "can ya hear me twenty-four hours from now" theory. Chloe (illegally) looked up the phone records of the phone's owner, and there were no calls made the previous night. Chloe says that the call Clark received came out of thin air. Thinly scripted air. "Or a really different time zone," Clark says, uselessly. Clark says that this gives them an advantage, at least. How so, smart guy? Clark says that they know what's going to happen; they just have to keep Poor Man's Wes Bentley away from Lana. I have a better idea. Why don't we keep Lana away from the show? Clark suggests that Lana not take any strange cell phones. Oh. All right then. Clark suggests that they take Lana out to the farm. And take her behind the barn and chop her head off. Oh, wait, wrong episode. Wrong fanfic, actually. "Clark, what if we can't stop this from happening?" Lana asks, hopelessly. Then I'll have renewed vigor on future recaps. But that's just me. Zoom in on Clark, as scary music plays, who offers these words of wisdom: "..."

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