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Right And Wrong

Chase takes the biopsy results to Gabe's room, where he finds Chase the Elder lording over his patient, all smug and pleased with himself that Gabe has been doing so much better that they took the breathing tube out. Chase the Younger asks his father for a word outside.

Younger tells Elder that Gabe does not have an autoimmune problem, and is only getting better because the steroids they gave him reduced the swelling. His tests show no proof of any autoimmune diseases. Elder tells Younger that he's arguing with a world-class rheumatologist, and Younger asks him what he's doing there. Elder says he's in town for some conference. Younger points out that Elder was there last year for the same conference and didn't see fit to contact Younger then, so what's going on now? Elder says he wanted to say hi because he missed Younger. Younger says that Elder walked out on him eleven years ago. Elder says he walked out on his wife, not his son. Younger points out the flaw in this plan, since mother and son are kind of a package a deal, and Mother was an alcoholic Younger was left to take care of. Elder says he's really sorry about all of that, and Younger takes off to show his biopsy results to House.

House doesn't really care about Chase's results, since the patient is getting better. He even sing-songs "better!" each time Chase tries to show him why the autoimmune diagnosis is wrong. The episodes where House is the most Asshole are also the ones in which is he is the most Adorable, I swear to god. You just can't hate this guy. Chase says that if House wants a negative test result for every single autoimmune disease known to man, he'll get those for him. House asks Chase what his dad is doing in town. Chase says he's there for a conference, just like he thought.

Chase the Elder tries to escape the hospital, but the business end of a cane, followed by some online-bought sneaker, enter the frame behind him. House asks Elder about the conference, and Elder says he's going to an afternoon panel. House says that he checked, and that Elder isn't registered for the conference at all. He's there to see his son, but he couldn't even tell him that, so he lied about a conference. House also noticed a tiny blue tattoo on Elder's neck, which would be a guiding mark for cancer radiation treatments. He figured as much when he saw Elder's macrobiotic breakfast. Elder says he has stage four lung cancer. "You look good," House says. Elder says he's got three months or so left, and he came here to see Wilson. He asks House not to tell Chase the Younger about this. House says he's the one who'll have to look at Chase's face when he reads his dad's obituary.'s almost like he cares or something.

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