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Right And Wrong

Chase finishes drawing some more blood from Gabe, saying he's trying to find out exactly which autoimmune thing Gabe has so that they can get him better faster. Chase the Younger is very professional. Gabe says it's really cool that Chase and his dad get to work together like that. Chase doesn't think so, but chooses not to unload on his young patient. Chase gets Gabe a drink of water for his cough, which slips right through Gabe's fingers since he has suddenly lost the ability to move his hand. Maybe his watch is on too tight.

After the break, Gabe is looking a lot worse for wear. In the conference room, the Cottages go over how bad things look for Gabe. His nerves are deteriorating and his fever is over a hundred and five. If they don't do something soon, he'll be paralyzed for life, which should last about another week. Chase the Younger gets to point out that this is because they gave him drugs for an autoimmune condition he doesn't even have, meaning he was right all along, nyah nyah nyah I HATE YOU, DADDY! Elder says that Younger's earlier multiple neurofibromathingaminjingee was right after all. House asks if Elder is agreeing for medical reasons, or to create a beautiful family moment. Elder says it's medical. House says that's too bad, because he loves beautiful family moments. They'll do a CT scan of Gabe's brain to confirm the latest diagnosis.

House is all too happy to interrupt Wilson's flirting with a pretty blonde hospital official to ask why Wilson didn't tell House that Chase the Elder was seeing him. Wilson says there is a little matter of ethics and doctor-patient confidentiality. Plus, he was all focused on treating the cancer as opposed to making sure House knew about all the latest gossip. House asks if he should tell Chase the Younger about this. Wilson says that this must be the part of the show where House asks him for advice he has no intention of following, and House says that Elder made House promise not to say anything, but that House crossed his fingers so it doesn't count. Wilson says that this is actually the part of the show where House uses him as a human sounding board, and asks why House even needs him to "be here." Did Robert Sean Leonard write these lines during his copious amounts of free time in his trailer? House says that seeing Chase the Younger's face when he tell him his dad has cancer will be "entertaining," and Wilson points out that there are a few ethical issues involved here. House likes to alienate the ones he loves most when he's at an impasse, so he gets in a few digs at Wilson for flirting with a pretty blonde thing. Wilson says she is the hospital account, and that he was discussing hospital-accounting-related issues with her, not flirting. "DOUBLE-ENTRY BOOKKEEPING?!" House yells, and hobbles jealously into the elevator.

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