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Give Me The Idol

So this is Malcolm's pitch to Dawn: You and I flip and go with Eddie, Reynold, Mike and Sherri. I've got the three guys, and I just talked to Sherri and she's in. That will give us the numbers over Brenda, Erik, Cochran, Phillip and Andrea. But we need to make our move now or we won't have the numbers after the next vote. Does he not know that Dawn is tight with Cochran? Dawn's reaction isn't, "Wow, what a great idea!" Because, seriously. Why would she want to be in an alliance with all those guys that could beat her in immunity challenges? And then vote her ass off quickly? None of them would take her to the finals. They've got too many enemies and she's too well-liked. Dawn says she needs to talk to Sherri and will let Malcolm know. But really, Dawn interviews, this discussion has made her realize that they need to take out Malcolm, because he's dangerous.

Sherri and Dawn take it to Andrea and Phillip. Interesting that Phillip claims to be the leader of this alliance, but it's Andrea who immediately comes up with their counter plan. Malcolm is counting on the Favorite splitting their votes between Eddie and Reynold in case of an Idol. Andrea suggests that they keep telling Malcolm that's what they're doing, but instead, they blindside Malcolm. So when Malcolm comes back to the camp after a swim, Phillip tells him that they are splitting the vote and the plan is in motion.

The next day, Andrea and Eddie sneak off to the lagoon together for a swim. At first, it seems like Andrea is into him but then she interviews that the more she flirts with him, the more likely he is to give her information or vote for her in the finals. Anyway, Eddie tells Andrea he'll vote however she says, except he won't vote against Reynold. Andrea doesn't give away much, although she does tell Eddie that she trusts him but not his allies.

Andrea asks Eddie if he knows anything about an Idol, and Eddie says he's doesn't (but we know that he knows Reynold has one). Andrea's offer is that if Eddie can get her information on what Malcolm has planned, she can keep his name off the ballot in the next vote and after that they'll go vote-to-vote. Andrea admits that she would vote for Eddie in the finals, but Eddie knows he won't make it that far. Andrea interviews that she's definitely playing Eddie, but she's trying to figure out if he's doing the same to her. He is.

Immunity Challenge. They have to hang from a grate in the water as the tide rises, so they will have less and less space for their heads above water. Eventually, they will have no space and die. Or drop out. The last person still alive and also hanging on the grate wins immunity. Then Probst makes a crack that Cochran will never win Immunity again and now I hope that Cochran goes on a massive immunity run because fuck off, Probst.

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