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Give Me The Idol

So suddenly Andrea is crying because she might be going home. Nothing has changed! She knew Malcolm was trying to flip people, but Malcolm is counting on Dawn and Sherri's votes to make his plan work. Without them, he only has four votes. Andrea knows this. She needs to step back and think this through instead of flipping out. She heads to Cochran and suggests that they just do the safe vote and get rid of Michael, since they know he doesn't have an Idol. Then she tells Phillip the same thing. Cochran is disappointed that they're going with the safe thing instead of the smart thing. Dawn is even more disappointed and she promises Andrea that Malcolm doesn't have an Idol. Heh. He does, but if they blindside him, it doesn't matter. They just have to keep it together, but good luck with that when you've got emotional Dawn and Andrea figuring things out. Anyway, we don't see if Dawn and Andrea agree on where to place their votes before...

We head to Tribal Council. Probst wants to know if Michael has hope after a Favorite was voted out last time, and Michael says that he is happy that some of the Favorites are realizing that they have threats within their own alliance, and he's happy to help them get rid of the threats. Then Phillip babbles about Stealth "R" Us and announces that Sherri has been inducted. No one cares.

Probst points out that Eddie, Reynold and Michael are left hanging, and Eddie says he'd rather play his own game than be a puppet. Reynold is also like, "Aw, shucks. One of us is going home and there's not much we can do." Probst wonders if someone has an Idol since that would change things. Phillip interrupts to say that if they think someone has an Idol, that person will get votes. Not sure who he was targeting with that statement. Reynold? Even Phillip wouldn't be dumb enough to tip Malcolm off, would he?

Probst asks what happens when Stealth "R" Us breaks down, and Michael points out that it's already started to, since they voted out Corinne. Phillip says that an alliance that sticks together can make it to the end. What is he even talking about? Why is he talking? Zip it, Phillip. Probst points out that, when you have a big alliance, all it takes is one person to make a big move. Andrea agrees. Then Andrea totally gives away their whole strategy! Instead of saying, "I'm confident that our alliance will last until all the Fans are gone," she goes on about people who are on the bottom of the alliance might try to make a move by joining up with the Fans. She basically details what Malcolm is doing. What was that all about? I guess they're not going to blindside Malcolm.

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