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A phone rings at the Kent home. MamaKent answers. "Who are you? How did --" she says. We don't hear the person on the line. MamaKent tells the person that she doesn't think she can raise as much money as they're asking for. "All right, I'll be there," she says, and hangs up. MamaKent turns to see Papa Luthor standing past the screen of the open front door. He asks if he's early. He was supposed to be there at 11:30. MamaKent remembers that Papa was picking her up for a conference in Topeka. MamaKent lets him in. She tries to hide the DVD player back in the envelope as Papa Luthor says that she'd save a full day of travel if she'd agree to take his helicopter. And by "helicopter," he means...heh heh...probably just helicopter. He's not as dirty as we are. Papa says she doesn't have to if it would be a conflict of interest. MamaKent says that's not it; it's that something came up and she's going to have to reschedule. Papa Luthor notices the envelope on the table. He gives MamaKent a serious look and asks what's up. Papa tries to be overly nice, saying that, whatever's wrong, she can surely handle it. As he leaves, he offers her a ride or anything else she might need: "Please. Call me," he finishes, bathed in warm light from outside. MamaKent says she will. She looks at the envelope again with concern. Dramatic! But not really.

Commercials. My thoughts on Sonic's Diet Dr. Pepper commercial have officially been documented.

The Barnness of No Solitude Ever. Clark talks on the phone to Lana. He apologizes for leaving her at the hospital (he did? Dude!) and explains that "Victor" didn't really want to hang around. Boy, when the gay comes back, it really comes back like a lubed-up pink freight train, doesn't it? Clark tells Lana to stay in Metropolis while he figures things out, and that Chloe is coming to pick her up. (So why don't they just tell us that Nasty Nell and Chloe's dad Gabe both died so we won't have to wonder why it's friends and not parents who are always dealing with the hospitals and near-death experiences on this show?) Bionic Brother is up in the barn loft, waiting for Clark. BB is staring at the screen of Clark's laptop. "Newspapers got it wrong, huh?" Clark asks. "No, they didn't," BB answers. A newspaper headline reads, "Met High Receiver Dies in Car Crash," with a photo of BB smiling and wearing what appears to be a Dallas Cowboys jersey.

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