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Daily Planet. Chloe and Lana are walking. Chloe asks Lana where BB rates on a scale from "1 to Taye Diggs." Lana rates him pretty highly. Chloe: "Tall, dark, and bionic. Think he likes blondes?" Clark ruins the party when he tells them, "His girlfriend's a brunette. Sorry." Way to dry a girl up, Clark. Lana asks if BB's girlfriend knows what happened. "No," Clark says awkwardly, and explains that BB is afraid of how she'll react. Lana, who has a little bump on her forehead, asks, "Well, what's he going to do -- keep lying to her and hope she doesn't notice how different he is?" Uh...awkward! Clark doesn't answer. Lana shoots him a dirty look. Chloe, at her computer, says that she's having little luck digging into Cyntechnic's corporate background, but that she found out their main project is called "Machina" and deals with prosthetics to replace damaged limbs. Clark says that BB's work is more extensive than that. "Who owns Cyntechnics?" Lana asks. Chloe hunts for that info. It's LuthorCorp, of course. Lana actually looks like she's surprised.

Lair of Lex. Clark comes in through the double doors. Security! "We need to talk," Clark says, dickishly. Lex, not even bothering to get up from his chair or to put away the papers he was reading, tells Clark that he needs to work on his entrance. Oh, for real, dude? I thought it was really forceful and butch. I'll come in again. Wait. Maybe I should stay here. Would that be a good acting choice? Lex says it's a bit abrupt. "What do you know about Cyntechnics?" Clark asks. Lex complains that this is what he means: no pleasantries, no small talk, just straight to the accusations. Come on, Clark. He wants foreplay! Clark says that he hasn't accused Lex of anything. Lex says that Clark's righteous tone says it all. He asks what he's supposed to have done this time. Clark says, "How about turning Victor Stone into a tin man without his consent?" Tin what? Lex asks smoothly if Clark means Victor Stone the football player who died in a car crash. Like Lex would ever know that otherwise. Clark says that's what Cyntechnics wanted everyone to believe. Lex suggests that Clark go badger them. Clark says that LuthorCorp bought them out seven months ago. Lex turns to lecture Clark that his company has bought or sold a hundred small companies in the last quarter alone. Clark asks if Lex doesn't know what goes on in his own company. Lex says that it's a multinational corporation, and that he delegates. Lex says that if somebody's doing something wrong, he'll take steps to "rectify" (dirty!) the situation. "So will I," Clark says. Awesome. A rectum pact. Or is that "packed"? Clark leaves angrily. No Hot Pockets, then?

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