Damned If You Do

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Lord, Have Mercy!

Over a tinkly-piano rendition of "Silent Night," we get a montage. Wilsensei and House eat Chinese food. We don't hear what they say, but given the looks and laughs they're exchanging, it's not even going to take an hour for them to get hungry. In the hospital, a Santa gives presents out to sick kids. House plays "Silent Night" on his piano. Cameron finds a present and a card, presumably from House, and beams. Cuddy attends to a patient. A priest gives a sermon in what looks like the hospital chapel, and the nuns are in attendance. Chase stands in the back, and then walks out. Lo, the prodigal son...oh, whoops. House wraps the song, and we fade to the closing credits.

Wow, this show is pretty good! I wonder why I didn't watch it last year?

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