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Lord, Have Mercy!

Chase is wheeling Elizabeth Mitchell down the hall as she tells him she's been getting to know the staff. She mentions some male nurse: "He can take pictures with his phone!" Well, so can I, but I guess that would seem like cutting-edge technology to someone whose hasn't seen an episode of television since before J.R. was shot. Chase gives her attitude about being a nun, and she asks him if he always wanted to be a doctor. He says yes, and asks if she always wanted to be a nun. Elizabeth Mitchell: "My parents died when I was six. I was raised in a foster home run by the church. When I was eighteen, I went to the monastery, where they let me take my vows. I've known no other life and I haven't wanted to." Chase is kicking himself for not asking for the short version. He can be forgiven, though, given that it's never necessary in conversations with House.

Elizabeth Mitchell is in the MRI chamber...OF DOOM! From the control room, Foreman instructs her to tell them if she gets scared. Elizabeth Mitchell: "As Jonah said from inside the whale, 'When I'd lost all hope, I turned my thoughts to the Lord.'" Foreman notes that she's got God on her side, but Cameron says she doesn't believe in God. Elizabeth Mitchell asks if it's supposed to smell funny, and a female staff member I haven't seen before tells the Martins that "someone ralphed in there this morning." Heh. Well, Elizabeth, you can take solace in the fact that the inside of the whale probably didn't smell too great either. Cameron and Foreman have a not-all-that-interesting theological debate, and Foreman asks Chase if he believes in God. Chase, looking at the monitor, dodges the question and says that Elizabeth Mitchell has no vascular irregularities, causing Foreman to lay into House again and Cameron in turn to defend House some more. Foreman: "I don't get you. You don't believe in God, but you're willing to put complete faith in one man?" Before Cameron has a chance to dissect that armchair psychology, Elizabeth Mitchell starts to freak out about the smell. Cameron pulls her out of the chamber, but she goes on about the smell, and then raises her arms up and says Jesus is coming for her. Chase rolls his eyes, and I'm not sure why: one more misdiagnosis and she's probably going to be right. Foreman calls for some Ativan, and says that her hallucinations are indicative of temporal lobe swelling. Elizabeth Mitchell starts having a seizure, and as they get her on her side and place something in her mouth to protect her tongue, Foreman lifts up her gown. Geez, first House, then you, Foreman? Of course, he could be looking for something, and given the massive rash on her upper thigh, I'd say he found it. Cameron struggles to restrain Elizabeth Mitchell as we go to commercial.

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