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They manage not to get any food on each other, but they're laughing and having a good time, and she asks him how he feels, and he says he feels free, and then they hug, and then she starts caressing his hair, and they're gazing into each other's eyes.

Before they can kiss, though, Jin and Sun go racing by, Jin yelling excitedly, Sun explaining that "they found something," and then more Lostaways go racing by, all extras, who really make the most of ad libbing as per the director's instructions to "act excited," perhaps thinking this is a good chance to strut their stuff and earn a larger role in Season 3. Fortunately for Hurley, no one notices that the jungle floor looks like the set from Animal House 2: Deltas in Paradise.

Libby and Hurley follow the crowd, and they come upon the supply drop of Dharma food that Jack, Kate, Ana-Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie all already knew about at least the night before and apparently didn't do anything about; nevertheless, there's Charlie acting all surprised as he digs through the boxes and comes up with Dharma Risotto.

Hurley's dismayed, and so is Libby, since that's going to be an awful lot more food for them to waste. She asks where this came from, and there's Charlie saying that Locke said the blast doors came down last night, trapping him in the hatch, and he instantly theorizes that it was to prevent hatch people from seeing the drop. He asks if anyone saw a plane last night, and Sawyer sarcastically says he did (and he calls Charlie "Tattoo"), and just decided to keep it to himself. If I understand Sawyer's point, it's that Sawyer would never do anything that wasn't in the best interests of the entire group.

Predictably, fights are starting to break out over who gets what, and Sawyer, for god's sake, is the voice of reason, calling for more order. I think they'd all be better served by tying Sawyer up and splitting all the food up amongst themselves. While not quite willing to go that far, Charlie wants someone more trustworthy to take care of things. "Like you, baby-napper?" says Sawyer. No, like Hurley, who did it before!

Hurley vehemently protests, and everybody looks at him, because I'm sure whatever Hurley is saying would be more interesting to the crash survivors than gathering up food. Libby steps in on his behalf, saying she's sure everyone can be trusted to take just what they need, which is awfully naive of her, if for no other reason that nobody knows how long they're even going to be there. Sawyer puts it thusly: "Great plan, Moonbeam. And after that we can sing Kumbaya and do trust falls!"

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