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This is the Dave I know

Locke yells from his bed that he heard a gunshot, and Jack goes running into the armoury, where Ana-Lucia has disarmed Sayid and says it's fine, but Jack needs to get Sayid out of there. Sayid's all, "Never mind, I'll show myself out." And Locke's yelling the whole while, but everyone's ignoring him, at least until Jack stomps over and snaps, "I've got it covered, John." Ana-Lucia glares at Faux Henry, who thanks her, and she just tells him to shut up and stomps out of the armoury, slamming the door shut behind her.

Eko's sawing logs, literally, when Charlie strolls up dragging what appears to be the wooden pallet from the Dharma supply drop, saying he thought maybe Eko could use it. Eko says that's very thoughtful, and asks if Charlie wants to help. "What are you making?" asks Charlie. Eko just tells him to hold the end of the log. Charlie does as he's told, and asks, "Is it a Starbucks?" which, if it is, would go a long way towards the theory that the Lostaways are actually in hell. Starbucks has finally come to sleepy Fort McMurray, only they can't find enough help to staff them properly, so you have to wait like fifteen minutes in line for its overpriced pseudo-coffee anyway. Eko barely pauses in his sawing to look up at Charlie, and then just asks him to carry a log. "Are you gonna tell me?" asks Charlie, kind of indignantly. Eko waits a long, long time before saying, "Not right now." This season, even?

Hurley's clutching Dave's slipper, while trying to track him through the jungle. I have to figure that if Hurley can find the one tree frog (now thankfully extinct) on the entire island, a crazy bald guy in a bathrobe shouldn't pose too much of a challenge.

Oh, wait; Hurley's just making his way back to where the Dharma supplies were dropped off, and there's nothing left, save one box of Dharma "Fish Crackers" that's wedged under a log. He picks it up, stares at it, hesitates -- and then rips it open, and starts stuffing handfuls into his mouth. He pauses when he realizes someone -- Dave -- is watching him. He slowly turns around, his mouth full of fish crackers. He stares at Dave a moment before yelling, "You're not here!" with his words muffled by the cracker crumbs spitting out of his mouth.

Dave says nothing, just reaches down and picks up what I thought was a rock but I guess is a misshapen coconut of some kind, and hucks it at Hurley, earning an "oof!" and more fish cracker crumbs spraying over the jungle ground. Dave picks up another coconut, but instead of throwing it, turns and runs into the jungle, like, the end zone's that-away.

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