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On Craphole Island, Sawyer has cracked open a bag of Dharma Chocolate Cream Cookies, which, I see with relief, are "fully hydrogenated." They're Dharma's Oreo rip-off, and Sawyer is attempting to do the cookie separation thing that's really only advisable if you're eating the real thing; he totally fucks it up. "You gotta twist it," says Hurley, strolling up. This is Sawyer we're talking about, so he makes a snide comment about how that's what he gets for not going to the expert in the first place. Then he calls Hurley "deep dish," and asks what he needs. Hurley says he's looking for something, but Sawyer says he's done trading: "I got enough food now to open a chain of Mini Marts," he says, then thinks for a moment. "Hey, you think Sayid needs a job?" Is it possible to not be a racist and still laugh at that? Man, I sure hope so. I'm thinking that, more than anything, Sawyer just relishes playing up his redneck past. He decides to help when Hurley brings up the tree frog, like Sawyer's really worried about it getting around that he killed the thing. Because people might not like him if they know? Everyone has this rose-coloured image of what a great guy Sawyer is, and this is a dirty little secret? Hurley says he needs some clonazepam. Since it's not a treatment for venereal disease, Sawyer hasn't heard of it. "So you can calm down, or for when you're seeing things...that aren't supposed to be there," says Hurley, really self-consciously. Sawyer sounds genuinely interested when he asks what Hurley's seeing. Bald guy in a bathrobe, says Hurley. Sawyer looks over Hurley's shoulder. "You mean like that guy there?" he says, completely suckering Hurley, who whips around. Sawyer starts to snicker, so Hurley goes berserk, shoving Sawyer, and the two of them fall into Sawyer's tent, collapsing the tarp on top of them.

What we see is what could very well be a wild boar covered with a tarp, and Sawyer periodically crawling out from underneath, only to be pulled back in. It's almost like a cartoon. I love it. Sun and Jin hop out of their nearby tent to see what the rhubarb is, and when Hurley flings the tarp off of himself, they break out into broad smiles. Jin in particular is enjoying the pummeling, so he's slow to respond when Sun decides enough is enough and urges him to break it up. Still smiling, he jogs over and does his best to pull a ferocious Hurley off Sawyer, who's yelling, "What's the matter with you?" He staggers to his feet, and snaps, "You crazy!" A spent Hurley says quietly that he's not crazy. But it sounds like he's not quite convinced of that himself.

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