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Danger Deposit Box

It's 11:08:44 as she takes Logan's call. New Improved Logan (now with 100% pure evil!) is all reptilian and shit as he orders an arrest warrant taken out on Kiefer. Because of course he's evil now, and he wants Kiefer taken out of play to protect himself. Hayes is more than a little thrown by this, and asks for an explanation as to why Kiefer's all of a sudden in the doghouse again. Logan answers, "[Kiefer's] role in the assassination of President David Palmer." Oh, now that's just stupid. Hayes says she thought that Kiefer had been cleared of that, and that Logan himself had reinstated Kiefer (which he never would have done if the writers had been planning at the time to make him evil), but Logan says that new evidence has come to light which he will forward to Hayes "at the appropriate time," by which he means, "When I'm done fabricating it." Which is why he should have made up something else, like a story about how the sheer volume of Kiefer's outstanding parking tickets has become a threat to national security. He tells her to keep the origin of the warrant confidential, and hangs up, the light from the backyard reflecting pool making his face look flat and creepy as he stares straight ahead like he never does. You know, there might be a way to fanwank all of this so that it makes sense again, but I don't particularly want to go blind.

Hayes hangs up, and she and Slime both look unhappy and confused. But they're still going to do what Logan says. Hayes says she doesn't like pulling resources off the search for Henderson. "It's a direct order from the president," Slime points out, and adds that to find Kiefer, what they really need to do is watch anyone that Kiefer might contact for help. Well, Slime certainly learned the rules quickly, didn't he? Through the glass wall of the upper office, they watch Audrey pick up her coat and a CTU folder. How are they going to watch her if she leaves? You'll see.

Audrey heads over to Chloe's desk. Seeing the folder, Chloe asks what it is. Audrey's answer: "Open it up and make it look like this is what we're talking about." For the next minute or so, they do quite a convincing pantomime of looking over the contents of the folder while actually talking about whether Chloe can set up Audrey's cell phone as a secure line. Audrey lets Chloe right in on the loop that Logan is now the villain of the piece, and that she's on her way out to help Kiefer with the proof. Before Chloe can do more than register shock and advise Audrey to take a CTU walkie-talkie, her computer beeps with notice of the new warrant for Kiefer's address. "It's starting," Audrey promos. Just then Hayes appears at Audrey's side, asking if she's heading out. Audrey lies that she's going to try to get a couple hours of sleep. Hayes says she wants to talk about the warrant for Kiefer, and Audrey snaps a question about "why the hell it was issued," like she just wasn't all calm and pleasant a second ago. Smooth. Hayes makes noises about "new evidence," and says she can't tell them who gave the order. She asks Audrey when she last spoke with Kiefer, and Audrey smoothly lies that it was about an hour ago. Hayes admits that she thinks it's weird too, "but it's in everyone's best interests to bring Jack in peacefully." Except, of course, Jack's. With that, Hayes cuts Audrey loose. And Chloe gets to stay for some reason, even though she's supposed to be assigned to Audrey for the duration. That's a mistake Hayes will live to regret. And also, Chloe may thwart her plans.

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