Day 5: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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Danger Deposit Box

But it turns out that Hayes was just stalling Audrey. As Audrey heads out to the parking lot and Hayes leaves Chloe's desk, Hayes pulls out her cell phone. At the other end is Valerie, the blonde DHS agent who was supposed to be taking over Chloe's work. But now that Chloe's staying, they apparently needed to find other projects for Valerie, like going out to the parking lot and attaching a tracking device to Audrey's car. And it looks like she and a driver are going to be following Audrey out to wherever she's going. Hayes tells them to use the tracker and stay out of sight, since there won't be much traffic. "We don't want anything to stop her from leading us to Bauer," she warns, and hangs up. I'd say that if Audrey isn't actually going to Kiefer, that would stop it pretty effectively. It's 11:12:32.

11:16:54. Kiefer and Wayne roll up outside the home of Evelyn's bank manager. Wayne doesn't think they need to bring their guns, but Kiefer tells his poor, naïve sidekick that the dude isn't about to let them into his bank in the middle of the night unless he has to. Wayne suggests telling the truth, but Kiefer doesn't think that'll work, so guns it is. "If you're uncomfortable with that, you should stay here," he adds, and hops out of the car. After the briefest pause, Wayne follows. Got comfortable in a hurry, I guess. Both of them hop the yard wall with considerable agility and head towards the house, weapons drawn. I wonder how Kiefer would feel if he knew how often Wayne's been following him around with a gun pointed at the back of his head. Once they get to the back door, Kiefer reaches into the man-purse for an alarm system jammer and a set of lockpicks, and they're inside a moment later.

The bank manager and his wife are lying on the bed in their PJs watching the 11:00 news. He hears a noise and gets up to investigate at 11:19:06. And that's when Kiefer makes his move, grabbing the guy by the throat while Wayne steps in to give backup. But Carl -- that's the bank manager's name -- manages to yell at his wife to call the police before Kiefer flattens him and leaves him behind to be covered by Wayne. Kiefer reaches the bedroom and orders the wife at gunpoint to put the phone down. Frightened, she obeys. "Stay calm and everything will be fine," Kiefer promises. On Kiefer's orders, Wayne herds Carl back into the bedroom, and the sight of this seems to scare his wife more than anything. I don't know if it's because her husband is also at gunpoint, or because there's a black man in her house. It's hard to tell. Kiefer gets right to the point, saying he wants to get into the bank. Carl claims that's impossible after hours, but Kiefer doesn't believe him. And to prove it, he swings his gun to point at Carl's wife. Carl instantly gives in, and Wayne shoots Kiefer a disapproving glare. Not disapproving enough to actually say anything or lower his own gun, mind you, but it's still pretty sour. Kiefer tells Carl to get dressed, and hands Wayne a bunch of Carl's neckties with which to tie Mrs. Carl to the chair. This looks like it's more Wayne's speed.

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