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Danger Deposit Box

Audrey makes it through a military checkpoint, barely having to slow down, at 11:20:33, just so we don't spend the rest of the episode wondering how she's able to cruise around so freely during this curfew. She's on her cell phone, trying to get her dad on the line.

She appears to be successful, because in the cabin of a private jet somewhere in the air, Secretary of Defense James Heller picks up the phone. I guess this would be Air Force Seven. He asks Audrey if she's calling about the arrest warrant for Kiefer, which Heller has already heard about. Audrey doesn't say much, and Heller seems a little frustrated with her reticence: "You call me this morning to tell me that Jack's alive [which we missed]; now I get word he's a suspect again in the Palmer assassination." Audrey simply makes an urgent request that he reroute his plane to Los Angeles. Heller considers it for a moment, then agrees. Audrey suggests Van Nuys Airport, which a quick look at his laptop tells him is an hour away. They ring off, and Heller thinks for a moment, just long enough to make us wonder if he's going to screw us somehow. But instead, he just tells his pilot to make a stop in L.A. "But keep it off the manifest," he orders. Welcome back, Devane, you crusty old bastard.

Audrey pulls into a gas station. A couple of miles back and out of sight, Valerie and her driver make note of this on their tracker screen and pull over as well. At the gas station, Audrey is simultaneously pumping gas into her car and talking to Chloe on her cell phone, which certain urban legends tell me is a good way to blow yourself up. That doesn't happen here, though. Instead, Chloe does some techno-voodoo to make sure nobody can monitor either end of the call, and then tells Audrey to tune her CTU walkie-talkie to a certain channel, crank it up to eleven, and see if she can find a signal by passing the device around her car. She quickly finds the tracking device that Valerie planted in her left rear wheel well and pulls it out, thanking Chloe for her help. Chloe advises Audrey to take the battery out of her cell phone as soon as she can, and Audrey promises to do so as soon as she hears from Kiefer. End of call. Audrey hangs up the gas pump, hides the tracker on a nearby utility truck that's gassing up (much smarter than just dumping it in the trash, so bravo), and heads out of there at 11:23:43. In unrelated news, her off-white, cowl-necked overcoat is really weird-looking. It's like Jackie Kennedy meets Lawrence of Arabia.

Logan is sitting along in his office thinking up new evil plans when Aaron comes in to tell him that "it's almost time." Apparently Logan's having a little late-night press conference. He's on his way out when he's waylaid by Vice President Gardner, related to a matter that he says is "potentially time-sensitive." The Veep wants to ask about the warrant for Kiefer. "Thank you, Aaron," Logan abruptly tells his suddenly over-attentive Secret Service agent, who reluctantly leaves the room. Now that it's just the two of them (in other words, the entire Logan Administration), Gardner wants to know why Logan would issue such an order without discussing it with him. Logan rather darkly reminds Gardner that he's the Commander-in-Chief, but Gardner doesn't want to let it drop, what with Cummings's confession to the assassination of Palmer and the framing of Kiefer. Logan insists that new intelligence sources clearly finger Kiefer as the shooter. Oh, not just a conspirator now, but the actual shooter? This lie keeps getting bigger. "Which sources?" Gardner demands, which pisses Logan off. "We'll sort this all out once Bauer's in custody," he snaps. "Does that suit you?" Gardner reluctantly agrees that it does, and Logan says, "Good," so quickly that you can barely hear the Doppler effect as he heads for the door. Gardner watches him go, clearly not satisfied with Logan's answers.

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