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Danger Deposit Box

Aaron has apparently teleported to a Not Camp David storage room in the last forty seconds, and he's calling to notify Kiefer about the warrant that Logan has ordered for him. Kiefer's not pleased, but also not surprised, and Aaron asks Kiefer if this means that Logan is the one behind this. Kiefer confirms it, and Aaron warns Kiefer that every agency from the Navy SEALS to the FCC is going to be after him. Kiefer says they'll get the evidence they need and pass it to Heller; "After that it's not going to matter." Aaron asks if there's anything he can do, and Kiefer tells him, "Keep your eyes open and watch your back." Good idea. Aaron would look pretty silly if somebody were to sneak up behind him and draw a rude cartoon on his head-bandage. Kiefer hangs up and gets his passengers out of the car. While they're cutting through the park, a Humvee with a roof gunner comes into view. Kiefer leads them all into hiding against a hedge, warning Carl to keep quiet, and the vehicle goes on by. Way to avoid the military, there, Kiefer.

Valerie calls Hayes from out in the field with the news that Audrey's plan worked: they followed the tracker, and only realized something was wrong when the utility truck stopped to check a faulty power line. Hayes tells her to stay where she is and wait for orders, then calls up Slime to tell him to redirect spy satellites to find Audrey. Slime says there's not much he can do with all of the satellites currently being used to look for Kiefer, but Hayes says that if they find Audrey, then Audrey will find Kiefer for them. In the background, Chloe is watching Slime with all the subtlety of a brick wall.

No, wait, here's the brick wall outside the bank, and it's way more subtle than Chloe is. At 11:35:43, Kiefer tells Carl, "Take the wall," by which he means, "Face on the bricks." Which would explain why I'm not familiar with that expression. He leaves Wayne behind to keep an eye on Carl while he scouts ahead. Wayne takes this opportunity to play Good Robber, advising Carl to do what Kiefer says. Kiefer comes back and tells Carl to get them inside, and if he alerts the police, "all I have to do is make one call and your wife is dead, you understand me?" Carl says he understands, although he doesn't realize how long a call that would be, given Audrey's history of squeamishness about this kind of thing. Carl gets them in the building and quickly enters the code to disable the alarm, and then Kiefer asks to be taken to the vault. Carl explains that you enter a code into the vault, but it takes five minutes before the door opens, in order to give the police time to arrive in the event that someone triggers the silent alarm. He writes down the no-alarm code for Kiefer, who heads over to the vault door and tells Wayne to keep an eye on their hostage.

While Kiefer's off entering the code, Wayne has an awkward moment with Carl, who has just recognized him as David Palmer's brother from the morning's newscasts. "And White House Chief of Staff for three years," Wayne doesn't add pointedly. Carl asks what Wayne's doing in his bank, "And who the hell is [Kiefer]?" Wayne rubs his head and assures Carl that he doesn't want to know. Carl disagrees, and Wayne actually caves: "Jack and I believe that there's evidence inside of one of your safe deposit boxes that'll prove who was behind the assassination of my brother, okay?" While he's gauging Carl's reaction, he notices that Kiefer is standing right there, calling him over. Wayne whispers to Kiefer, "What do you want me to say, Jack? He recognized me." Kiefer says it's okay, and goes over to Carl, now all proper manners and calling him "Mr. Mossman," asking how long before the vault opens. Carl again tells him five minutes, and asks if Wayne's telling the truth. Kiefer confirms it. Because he's new here, Carl asks why they don't just get a subpoena in the morning. Kiefer says the people behind this won't let it get that far. To illustrate, Wayne boasts that bad guys have tried to kill him twice today, and they'll try again. Kiefer doesn't say how many attempts have been made on his life today. It's probably going to take him a few minutes to add them all up.

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