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Cheng is still riding along in his Hummer. It seems to be successfully avoiding all roadblocks by the simple expedient of avoiding roads. Cheng plugs the nuke component into some kind of reading device, which he then plugs into a laptop. Then he gets on his cell phone and speaks English to an English-speaking Asian man back at their base, who is working with a bank of computers. The tech-support guy is receiving the schematics of the circuit board that Cheng is transmitting, and quickly spots a problem: the component appears to be damaged. There's even a little section flashing red on his digital diagram. Cheng asks if it can be fixed, but tech support will need a security override. Cheng's pissed that the technology is useless to them. "We'll have to find someone who has the necessary expertise," says Tech-Support Guy says, not knowing that Morris isn't going to go down so easily a second time. Cheng hangs up, frustrated. It's 1:12:46.

1:17:12. A post-coital Lisa gets up from the bed, telling her boxer-shorted lover that she's going to shower, since the Veep is awaiting her return. Okay, I've worked lots of overtime in my life, but I've never had to go back to work in the middle of the night less then ten minutes after getting home. As soon as Lisa shuts herself in the bathroom, her boyfriend hops up from the bed and into the front room. He takes a hidden device from a desk drawer, and then heads over to the sofa to sit next to Lisa's purse. He digs out her cell phone, plugs in his device, and has everything in Lisa's phone downloaded instantly. Returning the device to its hiding place, he dials his own cell phone and reaches a guy with a Russian accent who's riding in a car somewhere. "The girl doesn't know you're working for us?" asks Boyfriend's Russian contact. "Not a clue," boyfriend assures him. Well, that's a relief. I'd certainly hate to see Lisa get in trouble for this.

At CTU, Morris is walking down a back hallway when Chloe waylays him to ask what he was talking to Nadia about. Morris stops walking, but he still doesn't look at Chloe as he tells her that he asked for a transfer and it was denied: "Working with you is becoming very uncomfortable." Already looking crushed, Chloe says that she apologized. "You said I should stop helping terrorists arm nuclear bombs," Morris quietly reminds her. What, was he planning to continue doing that before she suggested otherwise? Chloe says that they've always said things to each other that they didn't mean, but Morris says that she crossed the line and there's no going back, quietly telling her, "We're done." Chloe keeps her shit together long enough to ask Morris to look at her, and he finally does. "You don't have to do this," she says. Morris puts a hand to the side of her face, and softly but firmly repeats, "We're done." He turns and walks away, leaving her to cry into the concrete wall. And thus the character assassination of Chloe O'Brian is complete. I'll admit that I was never her biggest fan, but even I never wanted to see her end up like this, acting all pathetic after getting dumped for saying something that, while mean, was fairly good advice.

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